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Building the perfect student environment is key to academic success – and that starts with the device you’re studying and learning on, attending virtual classrooms with and using to collaborate. Give yourself every advantage and realize your potential with Lenovo’s suite of Smart Learning features, designed to help you get the best out of the at-home learning experience, without compromising on comfort or privacy.

Smart Learning
“Stay focused –

Attention Reminder”

Smart Learning

Lenovo Aware

Lenovo Aware is a software designed to promote the healthy use of technology and proactively assist the user to maintain a healthy lifestyle. To help you keep track of your progress, a weekly or monthly report will provide you with statistics, including daily cumulative PC usage time, as well as posture and distance status.

“Take Time out – Break Reminder

Key Features
Smart Learning


Pulls you back into focus whenever you get distracted
Smart Learning


Lets you know when you are leaning too close to the screen
Smart Learning


Get notifications to take a breather at pre-determined intervals
Smart Learning


Helps you adjust to the right sitting position and prompts you whenever you deviate
Smart Learning

Eye Care

Keep eyes safe, fresh and healthy, even under conditions that may call for increased screen time. Eye Care ensures that the display lowers harmful blue light when appropriate, to reduce strain on the eyes.

Smart Learning

Smart Noise Cancelling*

Using 3 different modes, the AI-enhanced feature tunes out unwanted background echoes and delivers your voice loud and clear.

*Only available on selected models.

3 Different Modes
Smart Learning


It will only capture speaker’s voice at a certain angle and eliminate environment noises and speaker’s voice at other angles
Smart Learning


It will capture all the speakers’ voices and eliminate environment noises
Smart Learning


It will capture all the sound in your environment
Smart Learning

Super Resolution*

To improve e-learning experiences, this technology automatically up-scales video resolution in real time, making sure you see everything clearly.

*Only available on selected models.
*Images shown are for illustration purpose only.

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Smart Learning

Premium Care

Get 24/7 support from advanced technicians with real-time assistance for issues regarding your Lenovo device
Smart Learning

Accidental Damage Protection

Avoid costly repairs caused by accidental drops and liquids spills

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