Moto Mod - Style Shells

Moto Style Shells

Moto Mod - Style Shells

Transform your phone to fit your style


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Transform your phone to fit your style

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    A delightful dose of style

    The Moto Style Shell is streamlined, designed for comfort, and snaps easily onto your phone without adding bulk. Choose from premium materials like real wood and leather, or pick out a patterned fabric.

    Distinctly you

    Express yourself in a snap. (Thanks, magnets!) Swap your Moto Style Shell to match today’s look, and switch it up again tomorrow. Moto Mods™ are designed to keep up with change.

    Beautifully designed backs

    Make your phone fit your look with a beautifully designed premium back.

    Swap looks in a snap

    Switch Moto Style Shells in seconds, for any mood or occasion.

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    Tekniska specifikationer

    Specs Moto Mod - Incipio offGRID™ Power Pack
    Experience more in a snap Moto Style Shells are just one way to transform your mobile experience with Moto Z + Moto Mods™. 
    Beautifully designed backs Transform your phone to fit your style.
    Add new looks, not bulk Moto Style Shells snap seamlessly onto your Moto Z, weighing in at 25g to 32g, depending on material, with dimensions of 154 x 74 x 2 mm.
    Choose your style Choose from a wide range of materials, textures, and fabrics.
    Swap styles anytime Switch up the design of your phone whenever you want a new look.
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