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Modernize your IT infrastructure with Lenovo ThinkAgile VX Series

Drive innovation. Accelerate business. Improve scalability.

Get the best of all worlds with the flexibility to deploy and manage your cloud—whether local, hybrid or multi—with the ThinkAgile VX Series.

Lenovo ThinkAgile VX Series hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) Solutions

A modern IT infrastructure that accelerates time-to-value and integrates with your existing infrastructure.

The value of partnership

Gain insights on the VMware-Lenovo relationship with a conversation between Krish Prasad, SVP and General Manager, Cloud Platform Business at VMware and Lenovo’s Brian Connors, Vice President & GM, Solutions, Strategic Alliance and Business Development.

Computing and storage in a single solution

Modernize your IT infrastructure with Lenovo ThinkAgile VX Series. It’s a VMware vSAN-based hyperconverged infrastructure that integrates easily and quickly in a scalable way.

Why HCI is important?

Why HCI is important?

As organizations go through digital transformation – which 84% of enterprises are actively pursuing today – they are looking to modernize their IT infrastructure. Hybrid cloud environments built around software-defined infrastructure like HCI are clearly the future of IT.

Number 1

Ranked #1 for VM performance1

8 years

#1 in server reliability now for 8 years running2

75 percent

75% faster deployment times

Get a streamlined, smarter solution for a hybrid cloud and software-defined infrastructure.

Hyperconverged infrastructure solutions give you simplicity, agility and scalability.

A Lenovo ThinkAgile VX VMware vSAN-based hyperconverged solution combines computing and storage into a single system and runs apps seamlessly across clouds with VMware Cloud Foundation. This allows you to focus on building your business rather than building your infrastructure.

Simple roll-out

Easily roll out new infrastructure and applications. The VX Series comes built to your specific needs so it eliminates time and effort of compliance testing.


Certified firmware updates will be provided as they become available. ThinkAgile Advantage Services provide a single point of contact for support issues.

Streamline IT

Simplify your IT infrastructure and drive down costs through the combination of preloaded easy-to-use software on powerful, reliable hardware with Lenovo’s ThinkAgile VX.

Scalability and flexibility

You need maximum flexibility to adapt any workload to changing business needs. Lenovo’s VX Series offers configuration flexibility to meet any use-case with easy scaling of compute or storage.

Customer success


Modernize your infrastructure

Our experts can help you create the right HCI strategy and accelerate your cloud transformation.

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1 Top Score with 2 Socket Servers as of 7/15/21 with ThinkSystem SR665 which the base for the VX3575

2 Source: ITIC 2021 Global Server Hardware, Server OS Reliability Survey