IBM TS2260 Tape Drive

IBM TS2260 Tape Drive

IBM TS2260 Tape Drive

Ideal for Growing Storage Requirements.

  • Long-term tape storage for backup & archive
  • Easy access to data on LTO Ultrium 6/5 cartridges, through IBM Linear Tape File System (LTFS) technology
  • Media-partitioning on LTO Ultrium 6 media & LTFS

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    Ideal for Growing Storage Requirements.

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    • Provide long-term backup and archive storage data protection while lowering overall storage costs
    • Easily access data stored on Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Ultrium 6 and 5 cartridges through the use of IBM® Spectrum Archive™ technology
    • Improve energy efficiency over previous generations
    • Support media partitioning on LTO Ultrium 6 media

    The IBM® TS2260 Tape Drive is the answer to growing storage requirements and shrinking backup windows. Incorporating the sixth generation of industry-leading LTO technology, the TS2260 Tape Drive is suited for handling backup, save and restore, and archival data storage needs with higher capacity and higher data transfer rates than the previous generation. In addition, the LTO Ultrium 6 technology is designed to support media partitioning and IBM Spectrum Archive™ technology. It also continues to support encryption of data and write-once-read-many (WORM) media.

    The TS2260 Tape Drive is an excellent tape storage solution for organizations requiring backup and low-cost, archival storage of data. The TS2260 provides a physical storage capacity of up to 6.25TB (with 2.5:1 compression). The drive offers two SAS and one Ethernet port per drive to improve availability.

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  • Tekniska specifikationer

    Tekniska specifikationer

    Available Configurations
    Model 6160 H6S—One LTO Ultrium 6 tape drive, 6 Gbps SAS interface
    Tape Drive Type
    LTO Ultrium 6
    Physical Capacity
    2.5TB native; 6.25TB with 2.5:1 compression
    Number of Tape Drives
    Number of Tape Cartridges
    Data Transfer Rate
    Up to 160MBps native
    Media Type
    Read and write:
    LTO Ultrium 6
    LTO Ultrium 5

    Read only:
    LTO Ultrium 4

    Also available:
    LTO Ultrium cleaning cartridge
    4.3kg (9.5lbs)
    Power Requirements
    100 – 240V ac, 50 – 60Hz auto-ranging
    Dimensions (W x H x D)
    21.3cm x 5.8cm x 33.2cm (8.39in. x 2.29in. x 13.07in.)
    Three-year limited warranty, customer replaceable unit and on-site service in most countries, next-business-day 9x5, service upgrades available

    Specifications may vary depending upon region.

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