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    Lenovo: an Industry Leader in HPC

    High Performance Computing (HPC) has always been the proving grounds for technologies that eventually find their way into mainstream computing. Lenovo and its customers have pioneered several of those technologies including direct water-cooling, load balancing file systems, and vanity-free hardware, to name a few. Our deep collaboration with our customers to understand what they need and want from their HPC cluster, be it raw performance, energy efficiency, price-performance or implementation help, drives a true partnership.

    As the world’s leading provider of Top500 Supercomputers, Lenovo’s experience can help you design your cluster, build it to your specifications, and help you deploy it to ensure it meets your requirements. We can help you to benchmark your applications to help you find the optimum configuration.

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  • HPC Infrastructure
  • HPC Software

    HPC Management Choices

    In order to simplify deploying and managing a high-performance computing (HPC) cluster, grid, or HPC cloud, to run more simulators faster, and to minimize data bottlenecks, you should consider deploying HPC management software. Lenovo can provide you with the right software for your needs. 


    Lenovo intelligent Computing Orchestrator (LiCO) accelerates Artificial Intelligence training and traditional High Performance Computing deployment by providing an intuitive user interface to manage your software and hardware stack. From academic research to enterprise data centers, LiCO eliminates complexity for non-technical users, and helps rapidly deploy complex cluster solutions.

    Elastic Storage Management

    IBM® Spectrum Scale™ is the most widely used commercial parallel file system for online storage management, fast, highly scalable data access, and integrated information lifecycle management. Spectrum Scale is capable of managing petabytes of data and billions of files without disrupting applications, and is recommended as an integral part of your software-defined storage strategy

    Broad ISV Ecosystem

    Since Lenovo has performed Intel® Cluster Ready testing, you can be confident your Lenovo HPC cluster will run a wide-variety of ISV applications and industry-standard components as it should—right away. Visit the Intel Cluster Ready site for a list of registered software solutions that have been validated through this program.

  • HPC Industry Solutions

    Better Results, Lower Cost & Faster Time-to-Market

    Lenovo offers a broad range of high-performance computing (HPC) solutions to address business and technical challenges across many industries. Learn how Lenovo is helping engineering firms accelerate simulation and analytics, life sciences research and development organizations speed drug discovery and genomics sequencing insights, and financial services firms boost high-frequency trading and risk analytics applications.

    Lenovo Solutions for Engineering Analysis

    The defense and transportation industries, including automotive, aerospace, rail, and shipping are rapidly changing. Financial pressures are growing while the expectation for innovation remains high with increased pressure for faster time to market.

    Lenovo HPC systems, software, and integrated solutions provide you with an optimized high-performance infrastructure and managed environment for your product design and engineering applications. These offerings are ideal platforms to help accelerate the design and simulation of parts, components, or full-body simulations. Lenovo HPC solutions excel at processing and managing industry applications in diverse disciplines such as structural mechanics (structural integrity/vibration analysis/acoustics); computational fluid dynamics (aerodynamics/HVAC/cooling/combustion); explicit analysis (crash/impact); and computer aided design (CAD) via remote 3D Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

    The Lenovo Solutions for Engineering Analysis offers a flexible, yet powerful approach to configuring and deploying low-cost, high-performance engineering clusters for computer-aided engineering (CAE). Using a domain-specific, building-block approach, Lenovo provides a fast and simple way of ordering and deploying optimized CAE clusters sized to your needs.

    Lenovo Solution for ANSYS® provides an essential engineering analysis environment for customers running ANSYS simulation software. Developed in partnership with ANSYS, it provides an optional engineering environment comprised of recommended functional building blocks. The result—a high-performance engineering cluster solution optimized for ease of use, performance, and cost-efficiencies.

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    • The ThinkSystem SD530 for large, scale-out computational fluid dynamics, impact analysis, and 3D VDI
    • Rack servers to accelerate your engineering analysis clusters, the ThinkSystem SR650 is perfect for those workloads

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    Lenovo Solutions for Life Sciences and Healthcare

    Personalized healthcare with novel drug and treatment options are advancing at a rapid pace. Healthcare and life sciences organizations are incorporating new methods of big data analysis, drug discovery, and delivery to enable personalized medicine and to deliver diagnoses and treatment regimens based on an individual’s unique genetic makeup reducing side effects and improving patient outcomes. Advancements like these are becoming a reality thanks to new genomic sequencing techniques, big data analysis, and process improvements, which utilize HPC infrastructure for analysis and data management.

    Lenovo offers high-performance and large memory systems, software, and solutions to meet the diverse needs of pharmaceutical, genomics, and healthcare companies. Providing an optimized, high-performance infrastructure and managed big data environment, Lenovo HPC solutions for Life Sciences are designed with a building-block approach to simplify cluster management and accelerate time-to-results for all your compute- and data-intensive computing needs.

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    Lenovo Solutions for Financial Services

    With growing regulatory demands and increased focus on risk analysis, financial services companies are looking for better insights into market needs and ways to improve IT performance to meet these demands while reducing operating costs. Banks and other financial firms must constantly assess their risk exposure to comply with current regulations, using complex analysis that requires greater compute resources.

    At the same time, brokerage firms, exchanges, and other trading organizations are implementing the latest high-frequency trading solutions to seize emerging opportunities and maximize gains. For these organizations, the race to zero latency continues. Finding new ways to increase workload performance, improve data throughput, and alleviate processing and networking bottlenecks is critical to achieve near-instantaneous decision making. Lenovo can help.

    Lenovo and its ecosystem partners offer a broad portfolio of solutions that can help financial services organizations manage risk and capitalize on new opportunities without becoming locked into expensive, complex, proprietary environments. Solutions from Lenovo and its partners range from high-performance servers, storage systems, and networking equipment to file system and grid management software. These offerings enable organizations to accommodate compute- and data-intensive applications and deliver results rapidly.

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