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La tecnología más inteligente sabe que una mano de obra diversa es una fuerza de trabajo imparable.

Diversidad e inclusión


Diversidad e inclusión en Lenovo

Calvin Crosslin

Un mensaje de Calvin Crosslin, nuestro director de diversidad

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Calvin Crosslin

Informe de Diversidad e Inclusión Global 2020 de Lenovo

As a global technology leader, Lenovo touches the lives of millions of people from all walks of life—from the talent that we employ around the world to the solutions and experiences we deliver to our customers. Poised at the forefront of the next wave of technological innovation, we are ushering in an era of Intelligent Transformation. In this bold new era big data, 5G, mobile, smart devices, and AI harness the power of technology to deliver new models for how we live, work, and play.

In an ever-changing and increasingly diversified world, technology has the potential to serve as the great equalizer, leading to more opportunity, greater connectivity, and the ability to transcend historic and cultural limitations to people in all corners of the world.

We believe that technology companies have the capability and the profound responsibility to champion diversity and inclusion. Not only in the products and services we provide, but also in the values we foster and our internal practices. Innovating for a diverse world requires a diversity of perspective. As such, diversity is a business imperative at Lenovo. It ensures that we not only embrace the best, most disruptive ideas, but it also allows us to better understand and address our customers’ needs.

Lenovo has always pursued a path of inclusion and we’ve built a culture where all can belong—but our work is not done. With new research, data, and insights, we continue to evolve our approach of building inclusive leadership behaviors and fostering diverse and inclusive systems through increased accountability and training.

Our goal is simple: People should no longer have to change themselves to fit the world. Instead, the world will change to fit its people – all of its people. Technology can and should be a positive catalyst for change and evolution.

Lenovo is channeling this capability to build a smarter future, where everyone thrives, together.

Calvin Crosslin
Chief Diversity Officer
President, Lenovo Foundation

Informe de Diversidad e Inclusión Global 2020 de Lenovo

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