Dimensions VESA Plate: 120x120x12.3mm T32 Monitor BKT: 103.11x58.5x73.8mm T27 Monitor BKT: 100.86x52.5x73.8mm T24 Monitor BKT: 99.95x47x73.8mm
    Weight 320g
    Brand Lenovo
    Packed Weight 650g
    Packed Dimensions (L x D x H) 276x213x105mm
    Maximum Operating Temperature 60℃
    Minimum Operating Temperature -10℃
    Maximum Relative Humidity (%) 95
    Minimum Relative Humidity (%) 20
    End User Assembly Requirement To support Tiny, ThinkCentre Tiny VESA Mount II (PN: 4XF0N03161) is necessary; To support Nano, ThinkCentre Nano VESA Mount (PN: 4XF0V81630) is necessary
    Shipment Group VESA Plate T32 Monitor BKT T27 Monitor BKT T24 Monitor BKT Poster
    Supported Laptop Weight Range 5kg