Lenovo DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable
Lenovo DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable

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  • Descrição geral:

    DisplayPort is a next-generation technology that delivers high bandwidth, pure digital audio video signals from your PC to your display. Lenovo DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable conforms to DisplayPort 1.2 specification, and offers a royalty free full digital audio video support in the same cable. Supporting a maximum bandwidth of 21.6 Gbps, Lenovo DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable enables support for next generation multimedia applications with superior fidelity and 3D support, higher resolution of up to 4K x 2K displays and daisy chaining and multiple monitor support over a single connector. For more information on options, including compatibility, visithttp://www.lenovo.com/accessoriesguidehttp://www.lenovo.com/support/monitoraccessories

    Length: 1.8m (70.8in)

    Weight: 0.2 kg (0.53 lb)

    DisplayPort specifies an open digital communications interface between:

     o   PC and monitor

     o   PC and TV

     o   Device, such as DVD player, and TV display

  • Especificações técnicas

    Description Lenovo DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable
    Depth (US) 70.8in
    Weight (US) 0.53 lbs
    Depth 1800mm
    Weight 0.2Kg
    Supported Operating Systems OS Independent
    Warranty Types Customer Replaceable Unit
    Warranty Period Three Year
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