ThinkPad mini-HDMI to VGA adapter
ThinkPad mini-HDMI to VGA adapter

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  • Descrição geral:

    The ThinkPad mini-HDMI to VGA Adapter for ThinkPad Yoga system, ensures you can connect your ThinkPad Yoga to VGA monitor whenever you want. This Adapter's small form factor and 20 cm cable also make it convenient for travel. The ThinkPad mini HDMI to VGA Adapter provides the best sleek compatibility experience as it seamlessly enables interoperability of ThinkPad systems with commercial analogue projectors and displays. The small form factor mini-HDMI to VGA Adapter allows you to connect to an extended display or work in mirrored mode with VGA projectors. The maximum resolution supported is 1920 x 1200 at 60 Hz.
  • Especificações técnicas

    Description ThinkPad mini-HDMI to VGA adapter
    Depth (US) 7.87in
    Weight (US) 0.07 lbs
    Depth 200mm
    Length 200mm
    Weight 0.032Kg
    Supported Operating Systems OS Independent
    Warranty Types Customer Replaceable Unit
    Warranty Period Three Year
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