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Home > About Lenovo

About Lenovo

One Purpose. One Lenovo.
Smarter Technology for All.


Smarter Technology for All

Lenovo is a global technology powerhouse, ranked at 217 in the Fortune Global 500, and a $62 billion revenue company that employs 77,000 people worldwide focused on delivering “smarter technology for all”. Building on our success as the world’s number one PC maker, Lenovo is expanding its research into growth areas to advance “New IT” technologies (client, edge, cloud, network, and intelligence).

A young student using a Lenovo VR Classroom headset


Innovation is What We Do Best

Lenovo’s continued investment in innovation and commitment to research and development is changing the way we live and work today and for years to come. Those innovations need to progress in harmony with our planet and its people, and so Lenovo prioritizes corporate citizenship in all that it does - from exploring net-zero emissions to global philanthropy. From cities studded with edge computing cabinets that help stop traffic accidents to a ‘Cyber Space’ room where people interact with life-size objects on a transparent screen, our whole idea of computing is changing. The real and virtual worlds are colliding – not metaphorically, but in a very real way.

The Lenovo Formula 1 race car at the checkered starting line


We’re Committed to Being Good Corporate Citizens

Lenovo is determined to improve our planet and society by minimizing Lenovo’s environmental impact, promoting social equity through its business and via the Lenovo Foundation, and ensuring ethical, responsible, and transparent operations. In January 2023, Lenovo became one of the first group of companies to receive net-zero validation from the Science Based Targets initiative, making it the first PC and smartphone maker and one of only 139 companies around the world with targets validated by the Net-Zero Standard. Lenovo’s goal is to positively impact 15 million people by 2025 through the work of global philanthropy partnerships and programs, led by the Lenovo Foundation.

A teacher helping her student get immersed in a Lenovo VR Classroom headset
Young boy sticking his head out of a car sticking his tongue out to catch snowflakes

Greener Data Centers May Help Mitigate Climate Change

See how Lenovo is playing an important role in creating innovative technologies that benefit people and the planet in addition to generating profits.

Lady with head wrap drinking

Supercomputing Saves Lives

Lenovo’s award-winning HPC solutions are helping researchers across the globe push the boundaries of what is possible and tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges.

Man working from home taking notes

People Find Opportunities, Flexibility in New Workplaces

Lenovo’s Digital Workplace solutions have transformed the virtual meeting experience into a simple and interactive one-touch experience that connects your conference rooms to people around the world.

Lenovo Events

Packed with experts, innovation and inspiration. Lenovo events give you firsthand experience with the latest Lenovo technologies and business solutions.

Lenovo's CEO, Yang Yuanqing, on stage welcoming everyone to Lenovo Tech World
A lady looking at her digital image

Artificial Intelligence

From pocket to cloud, individual to enterprise, Lenovo is taking AI out of abstract headlines and putting its power in the hands of real people, everywhere.

A swirly digital backdrop

Digital Workplace

Lenovo Digital Workplace Solutions helps organizations quickly gain a competitive edge by relying on Lenovo-managed services that provide tailorable, people-focused work habitats.

The hands of an adult and child touching an illuminated screen

Hybrid Cloud

Lenovo transforms hybrid cloud management with AI-powered automation.

A gravel path with a light streak running down it and that is surrounded by bamboo shoots


At Lenovo, we’re focused on providing smarter technology that builds a brighter, more sustainable future for our customers, colleagues, communities, and planet.

Join Lenovo

Transformation is a Team Sport

When you work at Lenovo, you make powerful things happen here — for you, for Lenovo, and for the world.

A diverse group of eight people smiling in front of a Lenovo sign
A pie chart showing 92%

Our Commitment to a More Diverse Digital World

Transforming the world takes people with different backgrounds and point of views. At Lenovo, we believe a diverse workforce is an unstoppable workforce.

Lenovo's journey to net zero

Our Journey to Net Zero

From every day operations to product design and recycling solutions, we’re committed to achieving net zero by 2050.