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Building relationships and brand awareness
Lenovo is partnering with various organizations in order to build brand awareness, showcase our products and help drive sales. Lenovo targets partners that share our corporate values and are recognized as innovation leaders.

Lenovo is proud to support the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes racing team as the official computing hardware supplier. This partnership shows Lenovo’s leadership in the PC marketplace and underscores our commitment to excellence, dedication and collaboration.

For more on the Lenovo-VMM relationship, click here.
Lenovo Vodafone Mercedes McLaren Calendar wallpapers May | June
1024x768 (Standard Screen)
1280x768 (Wide Screen)
1280x800 (Wide Screen)
1280x1024 (Standard Screen)
1400x1050 (Standard Screen)
1600x1200 (Standard Screen)
1680x1050 (Wide Screen)

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