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Stylish looks, Savage Performance

Lenovo gaming desktops let you do just that, giving you the right mix of instant power with future flexibility and allowing you the convenience of easy upgrades when you need them.

Legion Desktops
  1. High-performance gaming towers
    Stylish on the outside, savage on the inside.

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Gaming Takes Center Stage

PC gaming is no longer an idle distraction for kids. Instead, it’s serious business. Colleges and universities around the country are including electronic sports, or eSports, in their athletic programs, offering scholarships to attract top players. There are even professional gaming leagues in the works, with several cities around the country building dedicating arenas to hold gaming tournaments.

While not everyone will earn millions by playing PC games, anyone can partake in the fun. All it takes is a good eye and a quick hand on the controller. And of course, the right equipment. Without the right computer, your gaming skills run the risk of being left in the virtual dust.

Serious players have a number of options when it comes to their gaming gear. Although a Lenovo gaming laptop can be an excellent choice, when it comes to setting up your home battle station a desktop PC may be just what you need. Lenovo has you covered.

Lenovo Legion T Series gaming desktop towers

For those who want to impress with their gaming gear, Lenovo Legion T series gaming desktops are designed to offer the best in a PC gaming experience, with eye-catching lighting effects, transparent side panels and a convenient carrying handle. All Legion towers include the latest Intel® Core™ processors, ultra-powerful NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics cards (always discrete & never integrated), and plenty of hard drive space to handle today’s most popular game titles. Air cooling and liquid cooling technologies protect against overheating to ensure your equipment doesn’t leave you exposed to enemy fire.

Lenovo Legion C Series gaming cubes

For those who prefer a more understated setup or are simply working with limited space, a Lenovo C Series gaming cube is a powerhouse gaming PC in a small package. The Lenovo C Series offers the performance of a gaming tower in a compact cube design, with the same Intel® Core™ processors and NVIDIA® graphics as their larger brothers. In addition, they feature up to 32 GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM for smooth play and massive hard drives for plenty of storage. To cap it off, the integrated ergonomic carry handle makes it easy to take these gaming desktops wherever you want, and the one-press, tool-free upgrade system make upgrades a breeze.

The icing on the cake

No matter which model you choose, every Lenovo gaming PC comes preloaded with the Windows 10 operating system to help squeeze every bit of performance from your rig. Enabling Game Mode in Windows 10 prioritizing processor and graphics card resources to your game while DirectX 12, an integral part of Windows 10 produces higher frame rates and reduced latency for breathtaking graphics. You can play in 4K resolution on Windows 10 for the clearest, most realistic display possible. The Xbox applets you play Xbox One games on your PC, while the Game DVR feature lets you record your greatest gaming moves and share them with your friends.

Round out your gaming rig with Lenovo Legion gaming accessories, including fully backlit gaming keyboards, a selection of gaming mice and gaming headsets to help keep in contact with your team while you’re on the battlefield. Need help deciding what to buy? Check out our FAQs that detail how to buy a gaming mouse and how to buy a headset for PC gaming.

If you ever have a question about your equipment, Legion Ultimate Support offers 24/7 support for gamers direct from expert technicians. These highly trained individuals are available around the clock to assist with your gaming computer settings, tuning, & potential hardware & software optimizations.

And if you want to share tips and tricks with fellow gamers, complete quests that can earn you rewards or simply want to connect with new friends, the Lenovo Legion Gaming Community is a free experience that’s perfect for Lenovo Legion fans.

Not just for gaming

Today’s gamers aren’t just teenagers playing games in their rooms at home. They’re also students, business professionals and even retirees (also known as Gaming Grandpas and Grandmas). Legion gaming PCs can easily double as student computers, household machines or the centerpiece of a home office. A Lenovo Legion desktop PC is powerful enough to handle everything from high school homework to invading aliens.

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Stylish looks, Savage performance

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