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Telco and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

Telco and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

Transform your network end to end. Deploy networks faster, reduce costs, and scale endlessly with NFV.


A new kind of data infrastructure

With the upsurge of streaming, online communication, and smart products, scaling increasingly in-demand network bandwidth becomes more and more critical.  You'll scale demands easily with NFV.


As a global partner in the telco ecosystem, we're proud of our leading solutions - and excited to help your organization surpass its challenges.

Simplified solutions that work

We've collaborated with Intel and other partners to create open-source hardware and software solutions to make it easier to choose and deploy the solutions you need.

Beyond bandwidth demands

Our NFV solutions can help transform your organization's network end-to-end and can improve service agility, simplify network management and significantly lower costs.

An efficient and low-cost infrastructure

Leveraging a strong ecosystem of partners, we enable Communications Service Providers (CoSPs) like you to transform your infrastructure easily, with lower ownership costs to support 5G and IoT.

Intel® Select Solutions

Intel® Select Solutions are workload-optimized infrastructure solutions that simplify and accelerate a service provider's selection and deployment of the hardware and software needed to support 5G and IoT. This solution is optimized specifically for packet processing, encryption, and compression-based NFV workloads.

Constant optimization

We actively participate in worldwide interoperability events to test with best in class Virtual Network Function (VNF) suppliers like Fortinet, A10 Networks, WiZR to provide robust network backbones. We also integrate, test and fine-tune our solutions to deliver exceptional VNF performance.


Our leading servers are an integral part of our NFV solutions.

Intel Xeon Platinum

ThinkSystem servers powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors

Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650

Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650

Combining performance and flexibility, the SR650 server is a great choice for CoSPs of any size. It can provide outstanding uptime to keep virtual network functions and cloud deployments running safely.
Lenovo ThinkSystem SR630

Lenovo ThinkSystem SR630

The ease of use and comprehensive systems management tools enhances CoSP's ability to quickly and easily deploy new services. With outstanding reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) and high-efficiency design, the Lenovo ThinkSystem SR630 can help operators improve service agility and reduce operational costs.


Your needs are specific, and our expert consultants and technicians can meet them with their extensive industry experience and deep technical knowledge

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