Accelerating software development

Address rapid growth and customer demand for your digital assets by empowering your organization to more efficiently produce and deliver code and applications. Establish a complete engineering operational process to deliver IT governance, security and infrastructure automation.

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Accelerating software development

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    Overview & Solutions

    Lenovo DevOps with OpenShift Solution

    Software has transformed the business world to the point where a company’s software no longer simply supports their business. Instead, a company's software strategy will determine the success of their business. Lenovo’s DevOps offering with Red Hat OpenShift Solution™ is a complete, enterprise-grade engineered solution uniting a purpose-built modular hardware infrastructure with a state-of-the art software platform enabling an end-to-end production line for the development of software code.



    Lenovo DevOps Validated Design for Red Hat OpenShift on RHEL

    The Red Hat OpenShift Platform enables orchestration of containerized workloads through the Google Kubernetes container scheduler. When deployed on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS, the OpenShift Platform enables the implementation of a DevOps model for software development through integrated continuous delivery pipeline mechanisms and tools for developers. The Lenovo reference architecture for this Red Hat OpenShift platform defines an infrastructure blueprint and best practices for implementing platform optimizing software production/creation/development processes and complete a digital transformation process with Lenovo servers and networking.



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    Benefits of DevOps deployment

    • Streamline the software development and production process
    • Use modern practices to create, test and publish code in smaller batches with shorter cycles
    • Employ cloud-native tools with fewer management UI’s for automating the development of IT infrastructure and applications
    • Tightly manage security and operations across a private cloud while leveraging public clouds for burstable development with the flexibility to migrate workloads/assets between resources
    • One platform which allows lines-of-business to create their own software production pipelines on-the-fly and contribute code assets into a larger pipeline operation shared with other lines-of-business


    Benefits of DevOps Deploymenet


  • Services


    Services to enable your transition

    In order to transform their software development strategy, organizations must move from their current hardware defined environment and embrace a software defined strategy with clearly defined roadmaps and KPIs. Lenovo enables companies to make this transition with services to assess, plan, deploy and support those steps. These services include:

    • DORA Certified PartnerDevOps Pipeline Production Assessment with DORA (DevOps Research and Assessment) Service - To help businesses understand the status of their existing software production pipelines and processes. The assessment measures constraints and strengths, and delivers recommendations for improvement and modernization that will have immediate impact.
    • DevOps Business Acceleration for Executives Service - To help businesses clarify and map business goals to organizational strategies and resources, leveraging assessment forensics and intelligence. Lenovo will work with businesses to help them define a meaningful and strategic path forward to ensure business success.
    • Pre-Production / DevSecOps Code Security Assessment Service - Lenovo has partnered with Cybric, a leading security platform provider, to provide businesses with a complete view into the current state of their code and application security posture, with recommendations on the steps needed to increase resiliency.
    • Application Modernization Service
    • Container & DevOps Consulting Service
    • Lenovo Deployment Service
    • Lenovo Managed Service



  • Tools


    The right tools are key

    DevOps tools aren’t the core of DevOps culture, but DevOps needs the right tools to transform the DevOps attitude into actions. Lenovo has partnered with key DevOps tool chain providers to cover all the key aspects of the development and delivery process:

    • Security / DevSecOps / Pre-Production Code Security: Cybric – To fully integrate and automate security throughout the development lifecycle from code commit to application delivery without impacting the production environment
    • CI/CD: CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise – To control and optimize a business’s Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment operations with an enterprise-grade CI/CD platform engineered with Lenovo’s development platform solutions
    • Continuous Delivery and Release Automation with Xebia Labs & Electric Cloud - To enable automation of a business’s CI/CD test release operations
    • Systems Management with Lenovo XClarity


    DevOps Tools


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