Lenovo Scalable Infrastructure

Lenovo Scalable Infrastructure

Lenovo Scalable Infrastructure


  • Optimized for reliability, interoperability, and maximum performance
  • Best-of-industry technology, optimized design
  • Increased automation and built-in intelligence
  • End-to-end solutions with end-to-end support

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  • Features



    • Complex solutions made simple
    • Best-of-industry technology, optimized solution design
    • Increase results through automation and built-in intelligence
    • End-to-end solutions with end-to-end support by Lenovo

    Lenovo Scalable Infrastructure Tower Side View

    Solutions Made Simple

    Lenovo Scalable Infrastructure (LeSI) is a framework for the development, configuration, build, delivery and support of integrated data center solutions. Deploying solutions for Technical Computing, high performance computing (HPC), Analytics and Cloud environments can place a significant burden on IT. LeSI leverages decades of Lenovo server experience to reduce the complexity of deployment. LeSI provides the flexibility and choice from configured systems over factory-integrated solutions up to fully end-to-end supported solutions that match best-in-industry components with optimized solution design.

    With LeSI, clients can focus their efforts on maximizing business value, instead of consuming valuable resources to design, optimize, install and support the infrastructure required to meet business demands. Many customers opt for a complete, ready-to-run solution with networking, onsite install, cabling, system labeling, data center consultation, and services that provide an optimized design for each customer environment.

    Lenovo Scalable Infrastructure Storage Expanded View

    LeSI Components

    LeSI solutions feature industry-leading Lenovo servers featuring powerful Intel® Xeon® processors, Lenovo storage, Open Source and OEM software and best-of-breed third-party components especially in networking and acceleration. Lenovo thoroughly tests and optimizes all LeSI components for reliability, interoperability and maximum performance, so clients can quickly deploy the system and get to work achieving their business goals.

    LeSI Factory Integrated

    Regardless at what scale clients are deploying Technical Computing and HPC, it is critical for them to get up and running quickly. When ordered preintegrated, LeSI provides faster time to production for clients with fully configured, racked and cabled delivery of the client’s solution. Lenovo delivers the highest quality with systems arriving ready to deploy. Solutions are precabled and burned-in by manufacturing.

    LeSI Cluster Solutions

    LeSI offers solution level support for HPC configurations with tested OEM hardware. The extensive testing results in a best recipe release of software and firmware levels guaranteed to work seamlessly together. LeSI Cluster Solutions are built, tested, delivered and installed by Lenovo, and supported as a single solution instead of being treated as hundreds of individual components. Lenovo provides single point-of-contact, solution-level support that includes both Lenovo server and third-party components to deliver maximum system availability throughout the life of the system, so clients can spend less time maintaining systems and more time delivering results.

    Lenovo Scalable Infrastructure Tower Rear View
  • Tech Specs

    Tech Specs

    Bill of Material
    Lenovo Servers
    ● Lenovo x3650 M5 HPIO and x3550 M5
    ● Lenovo x3850 X6
    ● Lenovo sd350
    ● Lenovo NeXtScale nx360 M5 and nx360 M5 WCT
    Lenovo Storage Units
    Lenovo S2200 and Lenovo S3200
    ● Lenovo System x GSS JBODs
    Lenovo Networking
    1Gb Ethernet
    ● Lenovo RackSwitch G8052, G7052, G7028
    10Gb Ethernet
    ● Lenovo RackSwitch G8264, G8124, G8272, G8296
    40Gb Ethernet
    ● Lenovo RackSwitch G8332
    HPC Interconnects
    Mellanox InfiniBand Fabric
    ● Mellanox SX6036 36-port Non-blocking Unmanaged FDR 56Gbps InfiniBand Switch
    ● Mellanox SX6025 36-port Non-blocking Unmanaged FDR 56Gbps InfiniBand Switch
    ● Mellanox SB7700 36-port Non-blocking Managed EDR 100Gbps InfiniBand Switch
    ● Mellanox SB7790 36-port Non-blocking Unmanaged EDR 100Gbps InfiniBand Switch Intel® Omni-Path Fabric 100 Series
    ● Intel OPA 100 Series 24-port and 48-port Unmanaged Edge Switches
    Racks and More
    Rack Cabinets
    ● LeSI 42U 1200mm Deep Primary Rack
    ● LeSI 42U 1200mm Deep Expansion Rack
    ● LeSI 42U 1100mm Enterprise V2 Dynamic Rack
    ● LeSI 42U 1100mm Enterprise V2 Dynamic Expansion Rack
    Rack Options
    ● Lenovo Rear Door Heat eXchanger V2
    ● Lenovo WCT Manifold
    ● Environmental Monitoring Probe Kit
    KVM Switches and Consoles
    ● Local 1X8 Console Manager (LCM8) and Local 2X16 Console Manager (LCM16)
    ● Global 2X2X16 Console Manager (GCM16) and Global 4X2X32 Console Manager (GCM32)
    ● IBM 1U 18.5-inch Standard Console and IBM 1U 18.5-inch Enhanced Media Console Cables
    ● IntraRack Cable Service
    ● LC Fibre storage and network cables, SAS Cables, UCO/KCO/VCO Cables
    ● 1Gb Ethernet Cables (Yellow, Blue, Green, Black), Optical MTB Cables, Copper and Optical QSFP Cables, DAC abd DAC-SFP+ Breakout Cables
    OEM Software
    IBM® Spectrum Scale™
    Open Source Software
    Individual configuration based on the components above scaling from single to 10,000s of systems.
    ● 1410 rack onsite hardware installation is included at no additional charge
    ● HPC cluster software services and SupportLine are available as optional fee-based services
    ● Cluster Installation Support Services are available through the Professional Services as optional fee-based services
    Operating Systems Supported
    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux
    3-year parts, customer replaceable unit (CRU) or on-site labor, limited warranty, with individual nodes retaining the warranty and service upgrade offerings for that machine type; optional warranty service upgrades. Support is 9x5, next business day
  • Accessories & Services

    Scalable InfrastructureAccessories & Services

  • Lenovo Services

    Lenovo Services

    Planning Services and Proof of Technology

    • Design—Leverage Lenovo expertise to speed time-to-value and optimize IT investments
    • Installations receive detailed technical and business analysis of the solution under consideration
    • Build an implementation plan for optimizing the current environment

    Mitigate Risk by Validating, Tuning Solutions in a Controlled Environment

    • Test proposed solutions before deployment
    • Iterate on initial designs to optimize value
    • Experience hands-on in Morrisville, North Carolina, or access remotely

    Leverage a steady-state environment without capital investment before finalizing your solution. Your IT team will gain hands-on experience with Lenovo systems with the opportunity to modify the plan before moving into a production environment. Get expert guidance to build solutions that address your specific needs and pain points. You’ll speed time to value by reducing the need for specialized expertise in your IT staff.

    Lenovo Hardware Installation

    Lenovo experts can seamlessly manage the physical installation of your server, storage or networking hardware so you can quickly benefit from your investment. Lenovo Hardware Installation is:

    • Efficient—Keep your IT staff focused on higher priorities
    • Convenient—Arrange the service to fit your schedule
    • Seamless—Let experienced technicians perform the installation
    • Sensible—Avoid wasted time and extra expense with a preinstallation checklist

    Lenovo Deployment Services

    Lenovo can provide comprehensive onsite configuration of hardware and software, including:

    • Configuration and integration for servers, storage, networking, operating systems and software, virtualization and high-availability configurations
    • Validation for training on administrative tasks and post-installation documentation

    Support Services

    Protect your technology investment. Lenovo offers warranty upgrades, technical support, enterprise software support, and additional services to support your systems.

    Warranty Services Upgrades and Post-Warranty Upgrades

    Ensure uninterrupted coverage to match the planned life of your system. In addition to your base warranty of one to three years, including parts and labor, Lenovo offers a wide range of flexible upgrades including around-the-clock coverage, rapid-response, and up to five years of hardware warranty coverage.

    • Extensions/upgrades in increments up to five years, 4-hour response time, available 9x5 or 24x7
    • 6-hour or 24-hour committed service repair, customer replaceable units, technician-installed parts

    The YourDrive YourData service allows you to retain possession and dispose of failed drives. Otherwise, failed drives under warranty must be returned to Lenovo upon replacement. Essential for organizations that must keep their data secure on premises such as medical, retail, insurance, education, financial and technology sectors.

    Cost of buying a single drive can be 5x the cost of paying for YourDrive YourData.

    Technical Support

    Priority Technical Support provides prioritized call queuing direct to Level 1 technicians.

    • Dedicated phone number, call center upgrade 24x7, local language
    • Rapid queue—less than 2-minute response, call taken by advanced technician for faster resolution
    • Basic “How To” assistance provided, advanced reporting included, flexible phone or web case logging

    Enterprise Software Support provides comprehensive support covering server operating systems and business applications.

    • Single-source enterprise software support
    • Additional software support beyond hardware break/fix – Reduced problem resolution time and reduced cost to address technical issues and increased uptime
    • Unlimited access to technical experts, fast precise answers from highly trained call center experts

    Lenovo Managed Service provides consistent management, maintenance, and upgrade of SAP BWA or HANA solutions with:

    • 24x7 remote monitoring of SAP BWA/HANA hardware and software
    • Monitoring of the software stack (OS, GPFS, and SAP)
    • Ongoing health checks and scheduled upgrades
    • Records maintenance, ownership and resolution of related problems
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