Lenovo D3284 Direct Attached Storage

Lenovo Storage D3284

Lenovo D3284 Direct Attached Storage

Flexible Storage Platform

  • Affordable high-density storage
  • Works as server storage
  • Attach to multiple hosts
  • Chain multiple enclosures together
  • Ideal for medium/large enterprise/HPC/Cloud DC

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Lenovo D3284 Direct Attached Storage

    Flexible Storage Platform

  • Funksjoner



    • 5U enclosure
    • Dual 12Gb SAS ESMs per enclosure
    • 3 universal 4x 12Gb mini-SAS HD connectors per enclosure
    • Up to 84 3.5-inch drives per enclosure
    • Daisy-chain 4 enclosures for up to 336 drives
    • Direct-attach server storage (JBOD)
    • Use a combination of high-capacity NL-SAS drives and high-IOPS/low-latency SSDs in the same enclosure
    • Perfect for HPC, Tier-3 Cloud data centers, and medium-to-large enterprise data centers
    • Hot-swappable components: all drives, 2x ESMs, 5x fans, 2x 80 Plus Platinum power supplies
    • Compatible with all Lenovo ThinkServer and System x servers†

    † All ThinkServer HBA support, and System x 6Gb HBA support, is planned for 1Q 2017.

    Lenovo D3284 Storage Front View

    Mega Storage at a Great Price

    The Lenovo Storage D3284 delivers high-density direct-attach storage. It supports mixing-and-matching different drive types for high performance, high capacity, or a combination of the two. Affordable high-density options, combining 7,200rpm NL-SAS hard disk drives (HDDs) with high-IOPS/low-latency SAS solid-state drives (SSDs), enable a multitiered storage infrastructure in a single enclosure or daisy-chain. It supports up to 4 enclosures in a single chain. Chains can be connected to up to three servers.

    Lenovo D3284 Storage Front Right Side View

    Affordable, High-Capacity, Flexible Storage

    High-capacity 3.5-inch NL-SAS drives offer up to 840TB of “cold” or archive storage in only 5U (that’s 1.5x the capacity of the HP D6000*), and up to 3.36PB in 20U, using four daisy-chained enclosures.

    SSDs (33.6TB/134.4TB) provide the extreme throughput necessary for the most I/O-intensive jobs, such as HPC, high-frequency trading (HFT), and caching. With up to 84 drives per enclosure and 336 per daisy-chain, there is plenty of room for multitiered drive types.

    Lenovo D3284 Storage Front Left Side View

    High Availability, High Density

    Hot-swap redundant components, including dual ESMs, dual 80 Plus Platinum power supplies, and five fans, provide the high availability needed for a high-density storage platform.

    D3284 is a key component of the Lenovo GPFS Storage Server and Lenovo Storage DX8200N Powered by NexentaStor.

    The high-density enclosure uses 1/3 less rack space than the equivalent number of drives in traditional 2U enclosures and fits in 1m deep racks, so it works with existing infrastructures. * As of this publication date.

    Lenovo D3284 Storage Front Detail
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  • Tekniske spesifikasjoner

    Tekniske spesifikasjoner

    Form Factor
    Dual Expansion Modules
    Dual 12Gb SAS standard, with active/active failover
    Supported Drives
    84x hot-swap SAS 3.5-inch drives:4TB, 6TB, 8TB, or 10TB 7,200rpm NL SAS HDDs; 400GB SSDs (2.5-inch drive in 3.5-inch tray)
    Storage Capacity (per enclosure)
    Up to 840TB – 7,200rpm NL SAS HDDs; up to 33.6TB – SAS SSDs
    Expandability (via Daisy-Chain)
    Up to 4x D3284 enclosures per HBA
    HBAs Supported
    9380-4i4e SAS/SATA HBAs for System x; N2226 SAS/SATA HBAs for System x; ThinkServer 9300-8e PCIe 12Gb 8-Port External SAS Adapter by LSI
    RAID Support
    RAID-0, 1, 10, 5, 50, 6, 60 (HBA-dependent)
    Power Supplies and Fans
    2x 2214W (1+1) hot-swap/redundant 80 Plus Platinum power supplies; 5 hot-swap/redundant fans
    Back Panel Connectors
    Each expansion module (x2) includes: 4x ports: 3x 12Gbps Mini-SAS HD (SFF-8644) per ESM; 1x RJ45 Ethernet port for management
    Form Factor / Dimensions / Weight
    5U/Height: 219mm (9.5 in.); Width: 483mm (19 in. IEC60297 rack compliant); Depth: 933mm (36.75in.)/Weight: min. 64kg (141 lbs); max. 131kg (289 lbs)
    Limited Warranty
    3-year Limited Warranty, 9x5 Next Business Day Onsite (upgradeable)

    Specifications may vary depending upon region.

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