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Access to your digital life, all in one easy to use interface. Set it up once and access it across multiple devices.

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    Access your way

    Lenovo Reach is available across all Windows, Android, and iOS devices so you always have access. Start something on your laptop and then easily pick up where you left off on your tablet or phone. We know you live in a mobile world, so we want to keep you connected anywhere, anytime.

    Control your data

    Lenovo Reach file manager allows you to access your data from one interface. It also includes a search function that helps you find your files, even if you forgot where you put them. Bring in your cloud storage as well with support for SugarSync and Hightail.

    Add your apps

    Lenovo Reach includes an App Selector where we give you access to the most popular websites and apps. With a few clicks you can add an app or website to Reach, allowing access from any of your devices without having to save it or set it up again!

    Remember your passwords

    With Lenovo Reach you can access your favorite websites with a single click, in complete security. Lenovo Reach can encrypt and remember all your user ids and passwords.
    Lenovo Reach