Types of Tablets Offered by Lenovo

Lenovo offers a selection of quality tablets, each with a user interface and technical capabilities more impressive than the last. You're probably eager to find the right fit for your own business or personal tablet needs. Browse through these most frequently asked questions for an in-depth Lenovo tablet comparison.

What types of tablets does Lenovo offer?

Lenovo tablets are split into two series: the ThinkPad and the Lenovo.

Do the Lenovo tablets have a long battery life?

The ThinkPad and Lenovo tablet batteries can last from eight hours up to 18 hours, depending on the function being performed (e.g., browsing the Web, playing MP3 files or watching video files).

I would like to use my tablet primarily to watch videos or read books. Which tablet will work best for these functions?

The Lenovo tablets are great mobile entertainment devices, optimized for video, music, games and chat. Connectivity is easy with USB and HDMI ports.

I would like to use my tablet primarily for business-related reasons. What tablet is designed with my needs in mind?

While your personal preferences may vary, the Lenovo team generally recommends the ThinkPad series as an excellent business tool. The ThinkPad tablets feature data encryption, security features, a digitizer pen and handwriting conversion. It's simple to log on to company networks, access files on the go and encrypt your data.

Do the Lenovo tablets come with any warranties?

The ThinkPad and Lenovo devices come with a one-year warranty. Extended warranties of up to three years are available at an extra cost.

If I accidentally drop my Lenovo tablet, how durable is it?

Several of the Lenovo models feature an internal magnesium "roll cage" to protect the tablet's internal components if the tablet is dropped or bumped. The roll cage enhances the resiliency and stability of the Lenovo tablets. The ThinkPad tablets also feature scratch-resistant, durable Corning Gorilla Glass on the display.

There is a Lenovo tablet suited toward everyone's needs, whether business or personal. These frequently asked questions about tablet comparison should help you with your search for the right Lenovo tablet.

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