Lenovo Back to School Sale: Chromebooks

Chromebooks aren’t right for every student, but for those who can use them, they’re among the best deals you can find. They’re easy to use, so even the youngest students can operate them. They’re lightweight and run a long time on battery power, so they’re great for on-the-go students with fast paced schedules. Best of all, lots of our Chromebooks are discounted at the Lenovo Back to School Sale.

Whether a Chromebook is a good option for you depends on a few factors. First, you need a reliable internet connection, since Chromebooks do much of their work via the cloud. Second, you can’t be a pack rat, since onboard storage is limited as a way to keep Chromebooks slim and light. Third, advanced students likely can’t rely on solely on a Chromebook, since they don’t run the most demanding software.

Before buying, it’s best to ask your school if a Chromebook will work for you or you student. Then, once you know for sure, check out the great deals at our Back to School Chromebook Sale. With great prices and a wide selection, it’s a smart way to start the new school year.

Sale-priced student Chromebooks from Lenovo

Chromebooks are some of the least expensive student computers on the market today – especially with the deals you’ll find in the Lenovo Back to School Sale. They’re fast, lightweight and easy to use, but there’s a trade-off: they can’t support the most advanced applications used by higher-level students.

Keep reading to learn what we offer, and whether a Chromebook is right for your student (or you). [Specific sale offers and product availability will vary.]

Lenovo Chromebooks for school

If you’re looking for a student Chromebook, you’ve come to the right place. Lenovo offers Chromebooks in all shapes and sizes, including some with detachable keyboards and other special features:

  • Lenovo e Series Chromebooks: Our 10e, 100e, 300e and 500e Series Chromebooks are designed for students at different age levels, from kindergarten up. They’re built to last, too; some models sport rubber bumpers and reinforced ports and hinges.
  • ThinkPad Yoga Series Chromebooks: These unique systems combine the famous ThinkPad brand with Yoga-style 2-in-1 versatility in a cloud-based Chromebook. They work as laptops or tablets and undergo military-grade tests for durability.
  • Lenovo 3 Series Chromebooks: Reliable and budget-friendly, these long-lasting Chromebooks have big displays and stereo speakers – perfect for long study sessions or streaming movie nights. And like all systems in this class, set-up is a breeze.
  • Yoga Series Chromebooks: Get the flexibility of a Yoga brand 2-in-1 laptop/tablet combo with the portability of a cloud-based Chromebook. Their all-aluminum chassis are strong but lightweight, and come in a variety of colors.
  • Lenovo S / C Series Chromebooks: Thin and stylish, Lenovo S Series Chromebooks deliver high-definition entertainment and the latest in digital security. Our C Series Chromebooks are just as amazing, with the added flexibility of a 2-in-1.
  • Duet Series Chromebooks: These unique systems have a fully detachable keyboard that provides maximum 2-in-1 versatility in a fast-booting Chromebook. Use it as a laptop or put the display on your desk while you type from, well, anywhere.

Plus, don’t forget about our ThinkBook Series – they’re built to use on-the-go but run on the same, standard operating systems you’ve used for years. We even offer ThinkBook 2-in-1s.

Can a student use a Chromebook for school?

Are chromebooks good for students? The short answer is yes, a Chromebook can be used by students of all ages – primary school, high school, even college. They’re especially good for younger students, but can work for those in higher grades, too – depending on what they’re studying. The critical factors are whether the student has steady access to the internet, how much storage space they need, and which software applications they use for their course of study.

Chromebooks can run for extended periods on battery because they use the minimalist Chrome operating system and most of the work is performed through the Chrome browser (with the aid of cloud-based apps for word processing, spreadsheets, etc.). So the system itself does fewer things using onboard resources. Chromebooks are also lightweight and very slim, in part because they have smaller storage drives – users are encouraged to save files to the cloud.

This limited storage and reliance on the cloud, however, means that Chromebooks aren’t right for everyone. First, a steady internet connection is essential to using a Chromebook. In most areas, this isn’t a problem – but for some users, it is. Likewise, the small storage drives on Chromebooks make them ill-suited for users who plan to save lots of personal files, games and such. In addition, many of the most demanding software applications aren’t available through the cloud, so students taking advanced courses in engineering, mathematics, and so on should choose regular laptops.

Only you, or the student your buying for, can determine if a Chromebook from Lenovo will fit your needs. You can also ask your school – most of them publish minimum requirements for PCs that will support their classes and required software. But one thing’s for sure: you’ll find great deals at our annual Back to School Chromebook Sale.

Who shops for Chromebooks at the Lenovo Back to School Sale?

The Lenovo Back to School Sale isn’t just for students. With low prices and a big selection to choose from, it’s one of our biggest discount events of the year, attracting a wide range of buyers.

Students, naturally, do a lot of the shopping. And many students pay their own way, so finding the right portable PC at the right price is a big deal – making easy-to-afford Chromebooks a popular choice. These lightweight, battery-efficient systems emphasize the use of cloud-based applications for calculating formulas, formatting documents and doing research. And they’re great for all the other things students like to do – watching movies, editing photos, listening to music, and more.

Parents are price-conscious, too, but many prefer shopping with Lenovo because our systems are as durable as they are high-performing. Our Chromebooks are built to last and, compared to regular laptops, have fewer internal parts that can be damaged by careless use. Plus, our warranties are some of the best in the business, and we offer security features that help protect against unwanted intrusions.

Teachers often work all day and into the night, so they need laptops that run fast, have long battery life, and offer features to help them get more done. A Chromebook checks all three boxes, and Lenovo has dozens of models to choose from. Plus, Lenovo Chromebooks are easily affordable for teachers, even in regions where salaries are low.

In fact, just about everyone – even office buyers and small business owners – find themselves shopping our Back to School Chromebook Sale at one time or another. Lenovo Chromebooks are popular around the world, and these deep discounts are hard to beat.

Why buy a Lenovo Chromebook at the Back to School Sale?

School tuition and daily expenses already eat up a big part of the budget. So the annual Lenovo Back to School Sale is a great opportunity to find low prices on a wide variety of economical Chromebooks.

Still, there’s more to smart student computer shopping than finding deep discounts. You need to buy from the right company – one that delivers it all, before and after the sale. Beyond our great prices, here are just a few of the reasons so many Chromebook buyers shop Lenovo:

  • Free Shipping: Lenovo gives you free standard shipping on nearly every Chromebook we sell. Your new system typically arrives 4-9 days after it’s shipped.
  • Wide variety: When you shop Lenovo, you’re choosing from one of the world’s deepest Chromebook line-ups, with a variety of features, display sizes and available colors.
  • Low prices: Get Back to School discounts on everything from affordable Chromebooks for families on a budget to performance models suitable for gaming (and classwork).
  • Off-the-shelf: For fastest delivery, choose a pre-configured system. It will be out the door and on its way to you fast – sometimes within hours.
  • Custom-built: Some Lenovo Chromebooks are customizable. Add more storage or upgrade to a more powerful processor or better display.
  • Warranty protection: Like all our products, Lenovo Chromebooks carry some of the best warranties in the business. Optional, extended warranties are also available.
  • Customer care: Our customer support experts can help you choose the right system for your needs, and they're ready to resolve any ordering questions.
  • Technical support: Answers are available 24/7/365. Speak with our tech support personnel or find a solution in our deep online support database.

It’s really a no-brainer. Shopping our Back to School Chromebook Sale means you’ll find low prices, choose from a great selection, and have less to worry about after the purchase. Whether you’re buying for yourself or your child, it will be the first “A” of the new school year!