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  • Personalized service

    Personalized service

    Get your own LenovoPRO Reseller Specialist – and work directly with Lenovo.com.

  • Tech solutions you need

    Tech solutions you need

    Access all Lenovo.com products and over 80 other brands.*

  • Made for you

    Made for you

    Customize most of Lenovo’s PCs to match the specs your business needs.

  • Bulk orders

    Bulk orders

    Place large quantity orders to meet customer demand.

  • Business financing

    Business financing

    Save Now, Pay Later! Make no payments for 30 days.

  • Earn rewards

    Earn rewards

    Rewards and support on a Project basis, no minimum

What businesses like yours are saying...

I have business account with Lenovo Pro for the past 2 years, very straightforward for us to choose / filters spec for our clients. Even post-sales services are efficient and good services.
LenovoPro Reseller Member (Cx xxxxxx Sdn Bhd)

Business solutions are provided which solve a customer pain point. Providing alternative solutions to win over a competitor or provide financially assist (Leasing) for the end customer. As a LenovoPro Reseller am worried FREE!
LenovoPro Reseller Member (Exx Cxxxxxxxx Sdn Bhd)

Quick and responsive on my request RFQ. Good support from Lenovo whenever we have a special requirement from the end user.
LenovoPro Reseller Member (Bxxxxxxbxxx Sdn Bhd)

  • Lenovo Financial Services

    Lenovo Financial Services

    Save Now, Pay Later! Make no payments for 30 days.

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