Lenovo Knows Software

Whether you’re a business user or a consumer, Lenovo provides the innovative software needed to get more out of your PCs.

For Home

Lenovo Software Vantage Screenshot

Lenovo Vantage

Lenovo Vantage simplifies the PC experience, making it easy for you to personalize settings and get the most from your Lenovo device.

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Lenovo App Explorer

Lenovo App Explorer helps you find the apps you want to use. Traditionally, PCs often came with pre-installed, third-party software that you didn’t necessarily want or need. With Lenovo App Explorer, you get to choose the apps you want and download them safely.

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Lenovo Software Migration Assistant

Lenovo Migration Assistant

Now you can easily migrate to your new PC. Simply connect your old PC with your new Lenovo PC to quickly transfer over all your files and settings. It’s simple, no wires, all you need is a WiFi connection and you’ll be up and running in minutes!

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For Work

Lenovo Vantage for SMB

Lenovo Vantage helps take the stress out of IT for your business. It allows quick and easy access to software updates, personalized settings, hardware diagnostics, warranty information, and technical support, all in one app.

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Lenovo Enterprise Deployment Solutions - Woman working at desk

Enterprise Deployment Solutions

Lenovo offers support for enterprise businesses who are performing their own operating system deployments of Lenovo products. IT administrators and deployment engineers can find deployment recipe cards, driver packs, and other useful resources to assist in the deployment process.

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LanSchool is an award-winning classroom management software with 30 years in K-12. It has been used on over 12 million education devices. Designed to help teachers and IT professionals easily manage classroom technology. LanSchool offers an array of tools to keep students engaged in a safe, productive digital environment: thumbnail monitoring, electronic assessment, voting, screen sharing, remote control, blanking screens and more.

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Lenovo LanSchool
Lenovo LanSchool Air

LanSchool Air

LanSchool Air brings the most-used features of LanSchool to a cloud-based platform. Whether for a single classroom or an entire school district, LanSchool Air unites various learning activities in one simple, easy-to-use online platform that syncs with the Google Classroom.

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