What are some productivity apps for Windows 8?

Millions of people use Windows 8 on their laptops and desktop PCs, but Windows 8 tablets and smartphones are increasing in popularity too. They're especially common among people who use them for work, whether it's business, creative or a little bit of both. In order to capitalize on this trend, a number of new Windows 8 productivity apps have been released aimed at helping those who use Windows 8 for work. Here are five of the best to help get you started.

Microsoft Office 365 Desktop Office Suites

Microsoft Office is on nearly every PC and Mac in America, and it's easy to see why. Some of the most-used programs in history-Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Outlook-are included in the Microsoft Office 365 Desktop Office Suites. There are comparable apps for notebooks and tablets as well.


Evernote allows you to store all types of data-notes, voice memos, photographs and Web pages, among other things-in one easy-to reach place. Think of it as an office assistant for the employee who can't afford one.


Dropbox eases the potential horror of a computer crash and provides access to your files anywhere you can access the Internet. Simply download Dropbox, place your files in it and you're set. Dropbox programs to your desktop, so you can use your desktop interface like normal. Each time you save a document, it will be preserved in Dropbox as well. The 2GB-or more, depending on the package you select-online data storage facility isn't just convenient, it can be lifesaving. Rates vary-for students, it's often free; for others, there can be a price tag attached. But in the face of a virus or a computer crash, it's worth the small investment.

Adobe Reader

More often than not, important documents circulate as PDFs. With Adobe Reader, you can read and comment on PDFs. Though many desktops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones have a Preview feature that enables you to read most PDFs, in order to ensure that you can access them all, you'll have to download the real thing.

Google Drive

Formerly the revolutionary Google Docs, Google Drive is a cloud storage device that allows you to place documents online. It's connected to your Google account, and this allows users to share their documents and files with other viewers, who can (depending on the settings you choose) edit and/or comment on each document. It's especially convenient for project teams or small collaborative organizations.

With these Windows 8 productivity apps, students and professionals alike can dramatically increase their productivity. The new age of Android development has opened the door for innovative developers to enter their products into an environment. With the competition between them, the best products-including those listed above-have become nearly essential to new professional and academic environments.

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