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Lenovo Value Recovery (LVR) | Refurbished servers

Lenovo Value Recovery

Lenovo Value Recovery

Get the performance, reliability and security of Lenovo at significant savings. Lenovo refurbished servers offers your more for less.


Quality guarantee and affordability

Lenovo Value Recovery is a sustainability service that helps to reduce e-waste and enables the purchase of refurbished and recertified enterprise hardware at an affordable price.

Refurbished servers


All Lenovo refurbished hardware undergoes a stringent certification process to ensure that the hardware meets Lenovo quality standards. This ensures that what you get will perform the way that you need it to.


Lenovo refurbished hardware has guaranteed quality and reliability at a reduced rate versus a new one. It provides a way to solve your IT needs at significant savings.


Refurbishing equipment not only helps your business, but it also reduces our impact on the environment allowing us to redeploy hardware and eliminate waste.
Proof-of-Concept Program

Proof-of-Concept Program

Test it now

We can help you with a Proof-of-Concept program so you can try our equipment and live the quality of our refurbished hardware.

Услуги по восстановлению активов

Услуги по восстановлению активов

Минимизируйте потери и максимизируйте цикличность с помощью услуг по восстановлению активов

Услуги по восстановлению активов могут помочь вам безопасно управлять жизненным циклом вашего ИТ-оборудования любой марки, помогая снизить воздействие на окружающую среду.

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