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Raising the bar to keep the line moving

How Lenovo helped Hero MotoCorp eliminate downtime and empower others with solutions powered by Intel® Xeon® Platinum processor.

Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions

for The Data-Centered

Saving energy to put it where it counts

How Lenovo helped Hero MotoCorp eliminate downtime and empower others with solutions powered by Intel®.

Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions

for The Data-Centered



Every business wants to keep things moving. But for the largest motorbike and scooter manufacturer in the world, their customers depend on it.

Hero MotoCorp champions socio-economic progress with affordable two-wheelers — putting people on the road to financial freedom, lifting them out of poverty, and promoting social mobility for all.



Hero MotoCorp manufactures over 9 million bikes and scooters a year, and demand is only growing.

They rely on an automated system operating 24/7 to control the hundreds of robotic crane arms that handle their parts. Unfortunately, their legacy server infrastructure kept crashing — wiping out the cranes’ instructions every time and halting operations, as a result.

Recovery required a complete server reboot, and multiple operations and revalidation checks for every system. This caused lost productivity, lost business, lost patience, and most importantly, lost chances to help more people.

Putting the parts together

The team knew they needed to replace their server infrastructure and future-proof their organization. They also knew that they needed a solution built specifically for them. And Lenovo knew just how to help.

Mapping a route

Technology is nothing without the people who use it. So before doing anything else, Lenovo sat down with their team and stakeholders to better understand their needs.

From there, we performed an in-depth assessment of their IT environment and analyzed the viability of two proposals designed to both protect the cranes’ memory during outages, and scale with their business.

After extensive functional simulations to measure the failover of the systems without data loss, we landed on solutions with 100% uptime and presented them to the team in a collaborative workshop.

The Lenovo Professional Services team didn’t try to force a cookie-cutter solution on us, but dedicated a great deal of time and effort to design a unique solution from the ground up. They came on site to evaluate our existing infrastructure, met with the IT team and business stakeholders to discuss our pain points, and really listened to what we wanted to achieve. The result is a solution that perfectly meets our needs.

portrait photo of Sujoy Brahmachari
Sujoy Brahmachari Head of IT Infrastructure & Information Security
Hero MotoCorp

Preparing for a smooth ride

Hero MotoCorp made the informed decision to implement eight reliable Lenovo ThinkSystem servers across two sites running by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, which we worked together to install on a quick timeline.

The physical servers are fully virtualized using VMware vSphere and vSAN technology, and deployed in an active/active configuration with one four-node cluster located at their main center and a second at a disaster recovery site. Data is replicated across the two sites in real time for seamless failover in the event of an outage.

This architecture ensures round-the-clock availability — protecting the memory content of the robotic crane arms in the unlikely event of unplanned downtime to keep things running as well as their bikes.



With everything moving as it should, Hero MotoCorp has already begun to see a significant boost in performance.

Now, their team is more empowered to do what they love: bring their products and the socio-economic enablement that comes with them to more and more people around the world.

0 outages

24/7 availability

9+ million moving customers

Efficiency has increased, so we can process and ship out more parts faster than we could before, which puts us in good stead to support business growth… We’re delighted with both the solution and the service we have received from Lenovo. We have a great relationship with the Professional Services team, who provide ongoing advice and support. Given that the Lenovo solution supports such a critical business function, it’s reassuring to know that the Lenovo team is only a phone call away.

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Sujoy Brahmachari Head of IT Infrastructure & Information Security
Hero MotoCorp

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