Open Networking Software (ONIE)


Open Networking Software (ONIE)

Unlock your network with an ONIE Network Operating System

Open networking increases your options now and in the future. Custom automation, devops and configuration selections stay with the network OS so you can focus separately on speed, throughput, quality and support when selecting switch hardware. Lenovo open networking switches support select ONIE network OS, creating more options for your software defined network.

Sorry, this product is no longer available

Unfortunately the "Open Networking Software (ONIE)" is no longer available, may we suggest:

Open Networking Software (ONIE)

    Unlock your network with an ONIE Network Operating System

  • Cumulus Linux from Lenovo

    Cumulus Linux from Lenovo

    Cumulus Networks lets you standardize your software and still deploy best of breed Lenovo networking hardware.

    Cumulus Linux is available as an option for:

    • ThinkSystem NE2572O RackSwitch
    • ThinkSystem NE10032O RackSwitch
    • ThinkSystem NE0152TO RackSwitch (1Q, 2019)

    Lenovo and Cumulus coordinate customer service for a better together customer experience.

    For more Information:

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