Lenovo Sustainability

Product Recycling

Our Approach

Lenovo offers product take-back programs for reuse and recycling as part of Lenovo’s support of a more circular economy. Our asset recovery services (ARS) program for business customers and our product take-back programs for consumers are available in most major markets where we do business. These programs are designed to maximize the reuse, recycling, and/or environmental disposal of replaced and end-of-life products, parts, and waste.

Asset Recovery Services (ARS)

Lenovo offers ARS to business customers to manage their IT assets and data center infrastructure with equipment take-back, data destruction, refurbishment and recycling services. We also offer additional services including inventory and value assessment as well as various on-site services. Lenovo's expertise in managing asset disposition can help customers eliminate the time and expense of managing the disposal of surplus or replaced IT equipment themselves. In some situations, Lenovo can facilitate donation of the old computers or can help customers offset costs and receive value back for re-marketable assets. For more information, contact your local sales representative or visit our Asset Recovery Services page. Click here for a list of markets where Lenovo offers ARS.

Lenovo's Approved Reuse and Recycling Suppliers

Lenovo suppliers providing product reuse and recycling services meet Lenovo’s qualification and audit requirements.. Lenovo strongly encourages all reuse and recycling suppliers to achieve accredited third-party certifications to ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and recycling standards, such as Responsible Recycling (R2) and e-Stewards. Lenovo’s audit assesses a supplier’s conformance to the Lenovo Electronics End of Life Standard for Suppliers. The Standard covers requirements for quality, environmental, health and safety management systems as well as data security and management and more.

Click here to read the Lenovo Electronics End of Life Standard for Suppliers

Our Product Recycling at a Glance

As customers continue to have considerable interest in the Lenovo’s recycling programs, its continual improvement activities include searching for opportunities to maximize reuse and recycling. Since 2005, Lenovo has processed 324,811 metric tons of computer equipment through its contracted service providers. During CY 2021, it financed or managed the processing of 32,938 metric tons of the Company-owned and customer-returned computer equipment. Of this total, 5.5 percent was reused as products or parts, 88.2 percent was recycled as materials, 1.5 percent was incinerated with waste-to-energy recovery, 2.1 percent was incinerated as disposal treatment, and 2.6 percent was disposed of by landfill.

Please see our most recent ESG reportfor additional information.


Data Security

Lenovo and its reuse and recycling suppliers are not responsible for any data or information left on equipment returned to Lenovo or its suppliers. We recommend customers use a commercially available data-erasing software application to ensure data is removed from the machine’s hard drive prior to recycling it.

WEEE Information for Reuse and Treatment Centers

Reuse, treatment, and recycling centers in countries with Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations can obtain reuse and treatment information for Lenovo products put on the market after August 13, 2005. Documents listing all items requiring selective treatment according to the WEEE regulation can be downloaded below. Email environment@lenovo.com for more information.

Selective Treatment Form - Desktops/All-in-Ones/Thin Clients/Workstations

Selective Treatment Form - Notebooks/Tablets/Slates

Selective Treatment Form - Monitors

For Lenovo Server/Storage Selective Treatment Forms, go to https://datacentersupport.lenovo.com and search for the Selective Treatment Form for your specific model. To read the Lenovo Statement on WEEE, click here.


Reusable bulk packaging may be available for many of Lenovo’s products. Contact your sales rep or

✉ environment@lenovo.com for more information.