Lenovo Software: Anonymous Data Collection

This statement was first published on March 31, 2016.

Why Share Anonymous Information With Lenovo?

Providing anonymous statistical information to Lenovo helps us make more meaningful improvements to our software. For many Lenovo applications on Lenovo PCs, laptops, and tablets, you have the opportunity to share anonymous statistics with our developers. These applications collect data on how often you use an application, how well the application performs, and which features you use the most. If you prefer to disable this functionality, the Sharing Anonymous Data With Lenovo PDF that is linked to below explains how to change your settings within each specific application.

Additionally, you'll find information about the types of anonymous software usage data collected and how Lenovo uses that data. This list may not describe all Lenovo applications available for your device, nor does it describe any non-Lenovo applications. Note that certain Lenovo applications may collect personally identifiable information that you provide, such as when you create a Lenovo ID or register your product with Lenovo. For more information, see the Lenovo Software Privacy Statement, as well as any Privacy information, if any, within the specific application.

Sharing Anonymous Data With Lenovo (PDF)