Finding hygge and hybrid cloud happiness:

How we helped Cloudeon transform Danish enterprises with Lenovo Hybrid Cloud

Finding hygge and hybrid cloud happiness:

How we helped Cloudeon transform Danish enterprises with Lenovo Hybrid Cloud


It’s said that the Danes have one of the world’s happiest cultures. They even coined their own term to describe a feeling of cozy contentment and wellbeing: hygge (pronounced “hoo‒ga”).

But the Danes also know that happiness doesn’t just happen. It takes work. A fact Danish cloud services provider Cloudeon knows well. They match some of the biggest enterprises in their corner of the world with the right cloud solutions, enabling smoother, more successful migrations and happier outcomes.

So, what’s the cloud experts’ clear choice when transforming these enterprises? Lenovo Hybrid Cloud.

We don’t think all that happiness is a coincidence.

Finding clarity

Cloudeon’s enterprise clients want to move to the cloud but aren’t always sure where to start. They know they can’t keep running IT the way they did 15, 10, even 5 years ago – it’s either move ahead or risk being left behind.

But helping enterprises migrate efficiently and intelligently in a way that controls costs and protects data means choosing a clear strategy, the right underlying infrastructure, and a good partner. That’s where we come in.

Partners in performance & purpose

Cloudeon knows the value of service and support, so to help enterprises find the right fit, they borrow a page from our playbook: hands–on consultations.

The approach helps them recommend solutions that meet each unique enterprise’s demanding business workloads and future requirements. It makes it easier to work out security and governance issues, and decide what goes public and what stays private.

And the solution they recommend? Lenovo Hybrid Cloud.

Stacks built for success

More specifically, Cloudeon delivers flexibility and performance through Lenovo ThinkAgile SX for Microsoft Azure stack powered by Intel Xeon processors — or what they call “a rocket ship of a stack” (we won’t argue).

Lenovo XClarity gives Cloudeon easy monitoring capabilities, letting their clients focus on other important aspects of their business. All the while, continued support from Lenovo gives Cloudeon a true partner, not just a vendor, to help meet their clients’ needs in the near and long-term.

The quality of the hardware is fantastic, it’s fully certified by Microsoft, and Lenovo Denmark has gone above and beyond in terms of support – so we’re confident we made the right decision by choosing Lenovo.

Søren Dandanell Nielsen Partner & Vice President of Business Development,

Speed & simplicity through pre‑configuration

Cloudeon, like their clients, wants to move fast, so we make sure that the software they need is already pre‑integrated into the hardware, properly tested, and ready to go for faster, easier installation and migration to the cloud.

And since it’s on‑premises, enterprises can take full advantage of the benefits of the cloud while ensuring that sensitive data and systems stay safely in their own data centers.

With Cloudeon and Lenovo at their back, an enterprise doesn’t have to be a cloud pro to migrate like one.

Lenovo ThinkAgile SX for Microsoft Azure Stack will enable us to deliver easy‑to‑use hybrid cloud services that boost business agility and keep operating costs low, without sacrificing security or control.

Søren Dandanell Nielsen


Partnering with Lenovo to create cloud success for their clients has, in turn, created astounding success for Cloudeon. It’s now a leader in cloud adoption in Denmark, with a growth rate of 1,500% in the last 18 months (no wonder they’re so happy).

They’ve moved some of the biggest enterprises in Denmark to the cloud. Now they’re expanding to the wider Nordics region and the U.K.

Along the way, they’re creating confident clients with the right cloud setup, services, and continued support.

It’s hygge, happiness, and hybrid cloud clarity for all.

With our expertise and the Lenovo ThinkAgile solution, moving to the cloud will be so much simpler.

Søren Dandanell Nielsen

1,500% growth rate
in last 18 months

Expansion into wider
Nordics region & U.K.

Dramatic increase
in global hygge

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