Smarter is helping you offset carbon today for a greener tomorrow

Lenovo CO2 Offset Services make offsetting carbon emissions simple, and within your control.

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Offset carbon emissions

We’ve calculated the value of carbon emissions associated with your device over its average lifecycle of up to 5 years, including manufacturing, shipping, and usage. Now, offsetting those emissions can simply be considered part of your hardware configuration.

Lenovo’s CO2 Offset Service in a nutshell

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Offset the carbon cost for your hardware transaction on selected devices

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Choose the technology you need without compromising on your environmental goals and moving to a sustainable future.

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Achieve your goals for carbon reduction with clear and detailed data.

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Your carbon offset contribution can always be tracked & confirmed. Each device serial number is tied to the environmental project that its purchase supports.

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We work with a range of partners, including United Nations vetted climate change projects, so you can trust the impact and integrity of the environmental projects you support.

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Take future emissions into consideration. We offset emissions associated with device production, shipping and energy usage over an average lifecycle.

Easy for you.
Valuable for the environment.

Whether you help to improve renewable energy or reduce air pollution, with Lenovo CO2 Offset Service, you help contribute to a more sustainable future.

Give back to the environment in a tangible way

It’s one thing to offset your carbon footprint. It’s another to keep it low from the start. Lenovo is committed to driving improvements in our product and packaging design, including using sustainable packaging and striving to reduce the carbon footprint of new technology.

Already own a Lenovo PC and want to check eligibility for carbon offset?

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Looking for a new device? Choose from Lenovo’s world-class line of laptops with CO2 offset services.

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When you purchase the CO2 offset service you agree to the terms stated in the Lenovo Personal Computing Devices Agreement Available Here.
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