A Message from Lenovo’s Chief Sustainability Executive

Click on the image below to hear Guan Wei, VP of Global Supply Chain and Chief Sustainability Executive, explain Lenovo’s approach to sustainability.



Lenovo is committed to ethical corporate citizenship and to promoting sustainability in all of its activities. We demonstrate these commitments through transparent and responsible management of our social, environmental, and economic values. These values respect and are informed by those of all of our stakeholders, including the communities with which we interact. Click here to view our Sustainability Policy.

Sustainability Report

As the top PC maker in the world and an emerging PC Plus leader serving customers in 160 countries, Lenovo is committed to operating ethically and promoting corporate citizenship and sustainability in our business activities. As we've transformed our business for the PC Plus era (focused on mobile Internet devices, including PCs, tablets and smartphones), we continue to demonstrate these commitments through transparent and responsible management of our environmental, social and governance performance. Lenovo's success is built on product innovation, a highly efficient global supply chain, strong strategic execution, and our ability to deliver on our pledges to investors, employees, customers, local communities, the planet and future generations. We take our responsibilities seriously, and are focused on setting and achieving higher sustainability standards each year as we grow and diversify our product portfolio to lead in the PC Plus era.

Click to read Lenovo's FY 2015/16 Sustainability Report.

Ecovadis Rating

EcoVadis aims at improving corporate environmental and social practice by leveraging the influence of global supply chains. It operates a collaborative platform enabling companies to monitor the sustainability performance of their suppliers by an independent third-party assessment. Lenovo has been participating in EcoVadis since 2012. In 2016 Lenovo rated 71/100 points, putting Lenovo in the highest EcoVadis category – CSR Gold. This placed Lenovo in the top 6% of suppliers assessed in the computer and peripheral equipment manufacturer category and in the top 2% of suppliers assessed by EcoVadis in all categories. Click here to see the complete rating.


  • ISO 9001: All Lenovo global manufacturing facilities as well as suppliers have Quality Management Systems in place meeting standards established by ISO 9001. Lenovo strongly embraces the ISO 9001 commitment to an effective quality management system, and is dedicated to exceeding industry standards for product quality and reliability.
  • ISO 14001: All Lenovo’s manufacturing and research & development sites are ISO 14001 certified through companies in their respective countries.
  • OHSAS 18001: The Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) organization is committed to ensure the implementation of an effective health and safety management system. All global manufacturing locations are OHSAS 18001 certified by Bureau Veritas, a leading independent certification body.
  • China Energy Conservation Program (CECP): This program is a voluntary initiative/certification for saving energy and reducing emissions by motivating manufacturers to produce more energy-efficient products and supporting consumers in making more sustainable purchases. This certification, qualified by the China Quality Certification Centre (CQC), sets forth minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and energy grades for microcomputers. Lenovo has the largest number of PC products certified by CECP.
  • China Environmental Labeling Product (CELP): This labeling program is a voluntary initiative assessing electronic products. It includes mandatory and optional environmental criteria such as reduction/elimination of environmentally sensitive materials, product longevity/ life extension, high energy efficiency/energy conservation, end-of-life management and other dimensions. This certification is qualified by the China Environmental Labeling Certification Centre (CEC). Lenovo has the largest number of PC products certified by CELP.


Lenovo has been selected for inclusion in Corporate Knights 2016 Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World (Global 100) Index. As a result, Lenovo will be included as a constituent stock in the Global 100 Index that is widely tracked by global sustainability investors and investment funds. The index, which commenced on February 1, 2005, is available on Bloomberg under the ticker <CKG100 Index> and on Reuters under the ticker <CKG100>.

In 2015, Lenovo was again selected as a constituent stock of the Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index. The Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index is the premier sustainability index for companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Lenovo’s continued inclusion in the index is representative of Lenovo’s commitment to being both sustainable and socially responsible..

Lenovo is a signatory and member of the UN Global Compact and fully embraces its policies and principles. The UN Global Compact is a public-private strategic policy initiative for businesses committed to aligning operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principals in the area of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. Lenovo remains a constituent of the United Nations Global Compact 100 (GC 100) - a global stock index that combines corporate sustainability and baseline financial performance. The GC 100, compiled by the research firm Sustainalytics, marries corporate performance on environmental and social issues with a requirement of basic profitability.

Lenovo's response to the 2015 CDP Climate Change and Supply Chain Questionnaire achieved a disclosure score of 100 and performance of band B. The Disclosure Score is assessed based on the quality and comprehensiveness of Lenovo's transparency and the CDP Performance Score is assessed based on Lenovo's actions to combat climate change, such as climate change mitigation and adaptation. Lenovo's 2015 CDP disclosure report is publicly available on CDP’s website.

Lenovo participated in the China Greentech Initiative project to create a "Vision and Roadmap to Realize China's Environmental Sustainability Goals." As part of this project, Lenovo and partners from pwc, Bayer, AN, Coca-Cola China, and Saint-Gobain worked together to create corporate sustainability strategies to drive long-term business performance and China's green growth. To access a copy of the executive briefing click here.

Lenovo is rated as "Prime" by oekom research AG, an independent research institute specializing in corporate responsibility assessments. The oekom Corporate Rating is based on a comprehensive set of criteria for ethical assessment of companies. This includes assessing companies' responsibility towards social sustainability and environmental sustainability. Lenovo's Prime rating means Lenovo is seen by oekom research AG as one of the world's best of the 17 companies in oekom's IT/Computers, Peripherals & Office Electronics industry group.