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Lenovo Neptune

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Improved efficiency. Uncompromised performance.

In data center cooling technology, Lenovo has led the evolution from energy-saving concept to performance enhancing and energy reuse reality. Lenovo Neptune™ embodies our holistic view of liquid-based cooling in the data center.


Lenovo Neptune™ tackles head-on the problem of traditional data center cooling in which every component inside the system produces heat. Heat is, of course, the mortal enemy of sensitive circuitry and causes shutdowns, slower performance, and data loss if allowed to accumulate.

Lenovo Neptune's approach uses liquid cooling to extract heat from systems with high thermal output. Lenovo Neptune accomplishes this via a three-pronged approach, which may be used together or independently:

  • Direct to Node (DTN) warm-water cooling
  • Rear-door Heat Exchanger (RDHX)
  • Thermal Transfer Module (TTM) and Other Technologies
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Expanding Neptune™ liquid cooling to GPUs

Lenovo, the leading provider of supercomputers on the TOP500 list, has expanded its innovative Neptune™ liquid cooling technologies to include GPUs with two new systems for VDI and high-end analytics.

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Lenovo ThinkSystem SD650 High-Density Server - Cover off, top facing right

Direct to Node (DTN) warm water cooling

DTN warm water cooling utilizes water piped directly into the system unit to cool components, instead of using system fans and chilled air. Lenovo has been a pioneer of Direct to Node liquid cooled technologies since 2012.

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Lenovo Rear Door Heat Exchanger (RDHX) - Rack door open, arrows going through rack showing heat exchange

Rear Door Heat Exchanger (RDHX)

Brings water to the rack to reduce heat, making it room neutral to up to 30kW or supporting up to 40kW. Similar to a car radiator, the RDHX replaces the rear door of the rack and absorbs heat from the exhaust of air-cooled systems.

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Lenovo Thermal Transfer Module (TTM) - Top facing right

Thermal Transfer Module (TTM)

The TTM integrates a hermetically sealed liquid filled heat pipe inside a traditional heat-sink. These TTMs are deployed in our air-cooled ThinkSystem SD530 in order to allow us to run higher wattage CPUs over traditional air-cooled systems.
Energy Aware Runtime Software (EAR) logo

Energy Aware Runtime Software (EAR)

EAR offers energy conscious organizations a robust and transparent solution with minimal performance overhead. The SLURM plugin was developed in partnership with Barcelona Supercomputing Center to improve energy consumption in large datacenters and HPC clusters. Lenovo is working with EAS4DC to provide enterprise support for Intel and AMD CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs to monitor and optimize our WW solutions for better energy efficiency.