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Meet new challenges in a flexible way

Rely on proven technology that allows you to work efficiently - anywhere. Whether mobile or at your desk, wherever it may be right now. Lenovo offers you complete solutions, enabling maximum flexibility and productivity: laptops, desktops, all-in-ones, monitors and accessories.

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Siente la liberación

La movilidad que necesitas para convertir cualquier espacio en un espacio de trabajo

Nuestros accesorios para computadora Lenovo Go incluyen, entre otras muchas opciones, mouses inalámbricos, auriculares con cancelación activa de ruido o cargadores portátiles. Estos accesorios de computadoras están diseñados para ofrecer la capacidad de configurar un espacio de trabajo que sea tan eficiente como cualquier oficina tradicional. Haz de tu jardín la oficina: los accesorios Lenovo Go facilitan el teletrabajo.

Man using Lenovo Go accessories in a home office setting
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Toma el control desde la distancia

Los accesorios Lenovo Go están diseñados para mejorar tu experiencia en Microsoft Teams, Zoom y otras herramientas de VoIP, lo que te brinda la capacidad de administrar reuniones con tus colegas sin esfuerzo. Los auriculares o audífonos y altavoces con micrófonos con cancelación de ruido Bluetooth® brindan un audio nítido para que tu orientación y tu liderazgo se sientan como si estuvieras de manera presencial.

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Siente el poder

Desplázate a donde necesites con la tecnología que te facilitará la vida

Puedes trabajar más allá de las cuatro paredes que limitan tu empresa, pero eso no significa que tu espacio de teletrabajo tenga que ser un desastre lleno de accesorios inadecuados. Los accesorios para laptops o notebooks Lenovo Go son compactos y están hechos para facilitar el uso, el almacenamiento y los viajes, y así poder estar en tu mejor momento donde quiera que decidas trabajar.

Man using Lenovo Go accessories in a shared office environment
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Ten confianza

Calidad en la que puedes confiar

Tienes que confiar en que tus accesorios funcionen cada vez que los enciendas, sin excusas. Lenovo Go ofrece una línea de productos probados en campo que mantienen tu movilidad y tu eficiencia sin importar a dónde te lleve tu viaje. También irradian profesionalidad, con diseños limpios y fluidos que se adaptan a tu estilo de vida.




Ultimate flexibility at your hands

You want to work remotely and highly efficiently at the same time? It’s plain sailing with our laptops and convertibles! Whether ThinkPad business notebook, YOGA Slim or Convertible 360° all-rounder or casual IdeaPad: top efficiency is guaranteed. Plus: Lenovo offers you all the frills for full-fledged desktop comfort back at home!

Recommended laptops for your home working

ThinkPad X1 Carbon (Gen 8)
  • Up to 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 with up to 6 cores
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Up to 4K (3840 x 2160) IPS with Dolby Vision™ HDR400, 500 nits
Learn More
ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 2
  • Up to 9th Generation Intel® H Core i9
  • Up to Windows 10 Pro
  • Up to 15.6" 4K OLED Touch (3480 x 2160)
Learn More
ThinkPad T15 (Intel)
  • Up to 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 with 6 cores
  • Up to Windows 10 Pro
  • Up to 15.6” 4K (2560 x 1440) UHD IPS with Dolby Vision™ (500 nits)
Learn More
ThinkPad P14s
  • Up to 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 with vPro™
  • Up to Windows 10 Pro
  • Up to 14" 4K UHD (3480 x 2160), IPS, Dolby Vision™ HDR, 400 nits, 100% Adobe RGB
Learn More
ThinkBook 15
  • Up to 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Up to 15.6” FHD IPS
Learn More
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All details at a glance: Multiple monitors = higher productivity

Do you spend your working hours mostly in front of the screen? Studies* show that multiple monitors make knowledge workers up to 35% more productive by eliminating time-consuming clicking and glancing back and forth. Maximise your productivity – with ergonomic monitors for every use and budget.

* A three-monitor workplace can help you perform a typical knowledge work task much more efficiently than a workplace with just one monitor: The increase in productivity is 35.5%, according to a laboratory research study by the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO).




Perfect your PC experience – with all the frills

Upgrade your comfort and top off your PC experience with the matching accessories: headsets, chargers, power banks, mice, keyboards, bags in every style and format... Whatever you need around your PC for gaming, office use, Skype conferencing, mobile working and more – you'll find it here.

Working from home - and learning from home - with Lenovo

Lenovo has the technology you need to work productively at home, whether it's for your job or to keep up with your studies. We've collected it all here on this page - from laptops and desktop PCs to the little accessories and upgrades that can make such a difference. If you're working from home or taking classes online, Lenovo can help.

Of course, it takes more than great technology to keep up with your tasks. You need the right habits and mental approach, too. Keep reading for some tips to get the most from at-home study and work time.

Tips for working from home

What do you need to make your home office more productive? How about a mic-enabled headset , or noise cancelling headphones to replace your worn earbuds. Or a high-resolution monitor to put your work in sharper focus. Maybe a new tablet, laptop or desktop pc to run more apps at once, a docking solution to expand the capability of your laptop or extra storage or memory to enhance what you're using now. Lenovo has it all.

It's not just equipment. Successful work-from-homers have lots of tips for getting more from your day:

  • Hold regular team meetings (same time each day) to ensure everyone's on the same page
  • Keep a team-wide chat room open - it's a great place for quick questions and answers.
  • Encourage video conferencing, not just audio-only. Facial expressions mean a lot.
  • Adopt flexible work schedules to accommodate the varied needs of each remote worker.
  • Use informal team chats or meetings to replace "water cooler" conversations for brainstorming.

With the right approach - and the right tools - working from home can be as productive as working at the office.

Tips for learning at home

Lectures. Research. Writing. Exams. There's a lot to being a student today, whether it's university, college or school. Now there's a new layer: Doing it all from your home. Fortunately, Lenovo has tools to help, from headsets and mice to monitors and smart devices. Not to mention the latest laptops, chromebooks, tablets and desktop pcs - or upgrades to storage, memory, etc.

Beyond the technology, however, there are a number of ways to make at-home studies more effective:

  • Set a schedule to avoid distractions. Commit specific times of your day to studying.
  • Establish a regular study area (kitchen, bedroom, whatever). It will help you focus.
  • Maintain your normal learning habits, such as taking class notes, asking questions, etc.
  • Stay loose... but not too loose. Pajamas are comfy,but may not put you in a mood for learning.
  • If you multi-task, limit it to study-related topics, not paying your bills or doing laundry.

You see? With the proper tools and the right techniques, classroom study and home-based learning can produce equally good results.