Lenovo Desktop Computers

Desktops for peak performance at a low price

Today’s laptops are incredibly powerful, but they still have limitations. Due to size constraints, it’s nearly impossible to find a laptop that can beat a desktop computer in performance. For gamers, it can be the difference between victory and defeat. For gamers, it can be the difference between victory and defeat. For business professionals, it can be the difference between getting that proposal done on time and missing the deadline. That’s where our powerful, customizable, and affordable desktop computers come in. We have a wide variety of models for every lifestyle. So, how do you find the best desktop for you?

Space-saving desktops: IdeaCentre desktop towers & AIO

IdeaCentre all in one desktops offer plenty of power to realize your creative and professional goals. Designed with everything you need to get things done, all in ones place a cutting-edge computer inside a nearly edgeless display that offers more visuals in less space. If you’re searching for one of the most versatile all in one computers, our IdeaCentre AIO 500 Series models take the cake. They’re a great home PC for the family and a hard-working, space-saving home office computer, too.

Yoga all-in-one computers

The Yoga A Series is built for creatives, with the ultimate workspace for illustration and graphic design. Featuring a huge 27” screen with a tilting 4K display, this is the new way to create art on a computer. For a more affordable AIO, the 300 and 500 Series are easy to upgrade and reliable for everyday use. Start using it at home, then upgrade it as your need for power grows.

For work: Lenovo ThinkCentre

Our ThinkCentre starts at an affordable price range, for a desktop that excels at home and at work. ThinkCentre computers are built to be reliable and known for being easy to use. Many ThinkCentre models have an incredibly small footprint that saves space in your home, office, or startup. Compact desktops like the M Series SFF and M Series All-in-One give you the power of a full-sized tower, without the wasted space.

For gaming: Lenovo Legion

For gaming and other graphics-intensive activities, check out our Legion gaming desktops. Stylish on the outside and savage on the inside, these dedicated gaming rigs feature cool lighting effects, overclocking options, and the latest processors and graphics. They’re made to be a natural fit for gamers, so that you won’t lose another match due to weak computing power.

For high-performance: Lenovo ThinkStation

For peak performance and heavy workloads, look no further than our ThinkStation workstation computer lineup. At Lenovo, we’ve made our name from the Think series, and there’s more than one reason: durability, performance, security, and so much more. These workstations are certified by independent software vendors for superior quality and reliability. They’re also built to handle the tough situations that most computers struggle with, from complex graphics to artificial intelligence.

Windows 10 desktop PCs

The latest operating system from Windows may also be their greatest. And it comes packed into the majority of our desktop and all in one PCs. With a Windows desktop computer you’ll be able to enjoy an optimized touchscreen experience on our compatible all in one desktop models, alongside a lighter, faster, and more streamlined OS interface. Plus, Windows 10 keeps you and your sensitive data more secure with improved virus protection built right in.

Shop the best desktops and PC accessories

Buying an impressive desktop and custom accessories doesn’t have to be a daunting task. At Lenovo, we want to build computers that don’t just get the job done, they do it right. You might just envision the desktop of your dreams.