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VMware Cloud Foundation & Virtualization Solutions | Lenovo

VMware Solutions

VMware Solutions

Improve infrastructure utilization and be more responsive to business needs with VMware virtualization offerings from Lenovo.


A history of collaboration

Lenovo and VMware have been developing solutions together for more than twenty years, helping customers solve their most complex problems in virtualization and digital transformation.

Realize the benefits of virtualization:

  • Improved hardware utilization
  • Faster provisioning of applications/resources
  • Reduced power usage and data center footprint

Simplifying IT infrastructure for our customers

Learn how joint solutions from VMware and Lenovo provide business agility and IT efficiency, enabling companies to deploy public cloud and hybrid cloud technologies quicker.
VMware’s 2020 Global Partner of the Year Award

VMware Partner of the Year

Lenovo has received VMware’s 2021 Global Partner of the Year Award for Innovation, which recognizes Lenovo as an innovator and pioneer with the use of VMware products in combination with next-gen technologies such as Edge and AI/machine learning to lead the market.


We enable businesses to simplify their IT architecture and deploy cloud-like services, helping them to become more agile in responding to business changes.

VMware vSphere

VMware product guide

Lenovo resells a broad range of VMware-based solutions in varying levels of integration to meet different customer requirements and business needs.

OS interoperability guide

Lenovo servers are compatible with a wide range of operating systems and hypervisors.

Lenovo VMware support center

Lenovo provides a knowledge base of technical information for customers using Lenovo VMware solutions.

VMware vSphere with Tanzu

Provides the fastest way to get started modernizing applications with containerized workloads by enabling organizations to run Kubernetes in vSphere.

vSAN & ThinkAgile VX


ThinkAgile VX Series and vSAN ReadyNodes

Modernize your IT environments with a fast, streamlined Lenovo infrastructure based on VMware virtualization.


ThinkAgile VX with Intel® Optane™ SSDs and VMware vSAN

Improve application performance with this high throughput and low latency infrastructure solution.

ThinkAgile VX 3D tour

360° tour

ThinkAgile VX 3D tour

See the components of the ThinkAgile VX appliance and learn about many of its key features.


We have the capabilities to deliver any cloud solution you need. Whether it's private cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, customized to turnkey, Lenovo delivers transformative products and professional services to cover it all.

VMware Cloud Foundation

VMware Cloud Foundation

A hybrid cloud platform that provides a complete set of software-defined services for compute, storage, networking, security, and cloud management to run enterprise applications — traditional or containerized — in private or public environments.

VMware vCloud Suite

VMware vCloud Suite

An integrated offering that brings together VMware’s vSphere hypervisor and vRealize Suite cloud management platform in an enterprise-ready private cloud solution.

Client Virtualization

We provide mobile workers with access to the applications they need to be productive while simplifying management and enhancing security with industry-leading client virtualization software on Lenovo systems.

VMware Horizon

Lenovo Solutions for VMware Horizon

Transform desktops into secure, digital workspaces that can be delivered on demand across a wide variety of Lenovo infrastructure platforms

Lenovo Validated Design for VMware Horizon on ThinkAgile VX

Extend virtualization from the data center to your devices with VMware Horizon on Lenovo servers in a VMware virtualized environment

Lenovo Validated Design for VMware Horizon on ThinkAgile HX

Extend virtualization from the data center to your devices with VMware Horizon on Lenovo servers in a Nutanix virtualized environment.


Your needs are specific, and our expert consultants and technicians can meet them with their extensive industry experience and deep technical knowledge

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Solution Services

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Implementation Services

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Support Services

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TruScale Infrastructure Services

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