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Education computing used to revolve around labs of fixed PCs and standard laptops issued to students. Simple to configure, but high maintenance and never-quite-right for most students.

BYOD ("bring your own device") turns that upside down, letting students use their own laptop, tablet or smartphone in classrooms, libraries, lecture theatres, laboratories, canteens, courtyards – wherever.

Students can choose the devices that suit them, with the software they want.
It frees educational institutions from owning and managing hundreds or thousands of assets.

But it creates a potential management nightmare, with widely varying devices, operating systems, applications software and greater exposure to buggy, out of date or just plain malicious code.

Lenovo's managed BYOD solutions can help

Our managed BYOD solutions provide infrastructure in thousands of schools, colleges and universities around the world, seamlessly integrating today's huge range of devices. And of course we offer a wide choice of devices to suit any student or staff member: from lightweight tablets to the heaviest-duty notebook PCs.

Choice, flexibility and simple management. It's how BYOD should be done.

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