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Do what you love, says common wisdom. What if you love tinkering with gadgets and mobiles? Could you make a career out of it? A lot of unemployed youngsters in India certainly want to. But they also face the issue of not being able to access the access the right kind of training. Which is where the Lenovo-Motorola Skill Academy (LMSA) comes in.

Training thousands of youngsters in the tech sector, the LMSA helps them combine their passions with know-how. This way, they can create a sustainable means of livelihood for themselves and their families, in a vocation of their choosing. With a target of over 6900 beneficiaries in 3 years, the LMSA will reach out to youth (aged 18-28), with a strong focus on women, across seven locations. Multiple courses in the repair of laptops and mobiles, retail sales, customer care and data entry are available, comprising 300 hours over 3 months.

Each Academy is equipped with state-of-the-art computer labs and classrooms, with timely checks by reps to ensure that all facilities are in order. The training team also provides beneficiaries with on-the-job training and opportunities via recruiting partners.

And the success stories are just beginning. Pooja V came to the Academy in Mysore for activity-oriented sessions in Spoken English, personality development, interviewing and computer skills. Soon, she landed a data entry job with a business solutions company. Biswajit Bahal and Sibisanker Giri were both fascinated with gadgets but didn’t know how to channel their interest and higher secondary educations into fruitful careers. After Lenovo-certified courses in mobile repair at the Academy in Bhubaneshwar, they’ve set up businesses of their own, doing what they love.

LMSA hopes to co-create numerous positive stories like these, and help many more Poojas, Biswajits and Sibisankers find their way to brighter futures.