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Every year, handpicked B-school grads join the Lenovo Future Leader (LFL) program for an incomparable trajectory of professional learning and fast-paced career growth. Mathew Paul (XLRI Jamshedpur, 2015), who’s been with Lenovo for 3.5 years, describes the company’s culture as entrepreneurial. A huge, Fortune 500 firm with global offices and thousands of employees? Entrepreneurial?

Absolutely. After all, it’s how the LFL program has been designed. It all begins with recruitment – with the identification of graduates for the right role and business units, done personally by Lenovo’s top management. The program helps India’s brightest make the most of their time, razor-sharp skills and zest for learning. There is no spoon-feeding; Lenovo is proudly lean, and each LFL is imbued with a “can-do, will-achieve” spirit from day one.

Every new kid on the Lenovo block has the most unimaginable opportunities - they spend months in different streams and departments, shadow managers, interact with senior leaders and learn about all facets of Lenovo’s many verticals - all at a rapid pace. Finally, when each one is assigned a role; usually one they prefer, they’re ready to make big decisions, do business like a boss and more. Sink or swim; and the response is always the latter.

(From left to right) Mathew Paul, Pramod Kamath, Anishaa Goyal and Prashant Khuller

Pramod Kamath (XLRI Jamshedpur, 2016) has been in Lenovo for 3 years and agrees. “I work in the DCG (Data Centre Group), which is like a start-up in this multi-billion-dollar company. When I joined, I was able to become a product manager right away because of the LFL program. Getting that kind of responsibility and exposure right out of college is quite rare, and I’m sure that this experience has transformed my perspective and skillset incredibly.” The program’s aim is to turn these young people into super performers, akin to secret weapons. Prashant Khuller (SIBM Pune, 2014) is another great example. In just 4.5 years old, he’s already experienced four roles. “The kind of empowerment you get here is incredible. I think everyone at Lenovo is driven to perform – but getting this kind of no-strings-attached responsibility is amazing.”

B-school grads here enjoy a host of advantages. Lateral moves, with no prior experience of the new role? Sure. Early exposure to globally and nationally important markets? Yes. Mentors from the senior-most strata of the company, to emulate and seek advice from? Affirmative. And unbelievably enough, a warm, welcoming culture as well. Anishaa Goyal (IIM-K, 2018) says of her 6-month stint, “When I interned here, I felt so accepted by the team; I knew I was coming back.”

B-school grads also come with specific business and academic acumen - the LFL program helps groom these youngsters. Accelerated training and opportunities shape them into the kind of experienced, rounded leaders who will change Lenovo’s culture and future.