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When TV came along, we screamed that radio was dead. When the internet was born, we tried to bury TV. Today, many people are saying that tablets are done… but…are they? From commuting and eating out to education and banking, tablets are everywhere. Look at your daily routine. You go to work in an Ola cab, and a tablet screen welcomes you with personalised, streaming content as well as your commute details. At work, an impromptu call is easier on the lighter tablet-hybrid. And plus, the camera resolution is pretty good too! Tablets 2, naysayers 0.

Ordering your food from Uber Eats? Did you know that in most cases the tech behind is powered by Lenovo tablets. Byju’s has changed the way kids do their homework, with their preloaded tablets and immersive learning. These have proved so successful that even the government and private schools will soon convert to these low-maintenance devices. Lenovo also partners with Evolute, a vendor who helps banks maintain a network of banking mitras with tablets, bringing progress and connectivity to India’s remotest areas. Your local hypermarket also has screens on every aisle, displaying locally relevant ads and store news. Yay tablets!

In the tablet category Lenovo has led the market for some time and has maintained its leadership position while adding 5.6% market share as compared to Q2 2018 and 8.7% as compared to Q1 2019. Lenovo’s leadership in tablets is largely fuelled by commercial tablets where it remains an undisputed leader with 61.4% market share. Lenovo commands over 45% of the Android tablet market in India and aims to continue building on the leadership position and further expand the market with new demands from the commercial sector where companies like Byju’s, Uber Eats and Oyo rooms are leading the way.