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We know the ThinkPad is a workhorse. Sturdy, built to last and with amazing battery power, it’s a mainstay in never-ending meetings with 453-slide presentations. But that’s not all it can do. Gaurav Sundaraman uses it to analyse cricketing data for actionable insights that teams can use to improve performance. A senior data analyst at ESPNCricnfo, Sundaraman, 32, is perhaps one of India’s most seasoned sports analysts.

Every team in every match generates a massive amount of data with countless permutations and combinations of play. Each ball bowled is not just a statistic in itself, but a combination of aspects like bowling action, batting stance, fielding position and more. An analysis of these can lead to inferred trends, patterns, and insights to aid pre-match decision-making and real-time responses. Add the data generated from technologies like the Decision Review System (DRS) and the Snickometer, and you’ve got a job only a ThinkPad can do.

With his trusted team-member-machine, Sundaraman not only analyses each data point individually, but also find patterns that can impact match results. “The ThinkPad’s robustness has helped me in various situations. In studios; where long battery life is required, during travel and of course, in stadiums. It has never let me down,” he says. Sundaraman and his team often run concurrent analyses on different systems, especially immediately after a match. This is how TV hosts can confidently discuss stats of the match just gone by, as well as contrast to performances of previous matches – and this is done by player too!

So, the next time you’re screaming for a sixer, or looking at a Dhoni’s annual stats, remember that the ThinkPad has just made your cricketing experience that much more enjoyable.