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The net has changed how we watch things, buy things, laugh at things, communicate and most importantly – how we help each other. When someone’s going through tough times, it’s become instinctive to share posts with your groups or even do something yourself. That’s exactly what happened to Lenovo’s Prashant Khuller. He was tagged in a post about Sukanya from Delhi, a young law student stuck with an almost-broken, malfunctioning laptop. Due to start an internship where she’d need a functional laptop every day, Sukanya was worried about how this would impact her future.

Prashant decided to think differently. “As a product manager, we use some machines for demos. We can’t sell those machines – but they’re barely used. I just alerted the various teams and pushed for internal approvals, so we could release a laptop, all for a good cause,” he says.

He even arranged for a bag and handed everything over during a trip to Delhi. Needless to say, Sukanya was thrilled. With Prashant’s help, #MakeYourDreamComeTrueFridays became more than just a hashtag. And the world became a kinder, fuzzier place.