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Work-life balance? Most companies tell us we can have it all – but we can’t control either work or life. That’s because work and life aren’t separate for most of us. They flow into each other and should; with each professional deciding how best to make the most of each day. Why can’t we accomplish our professional goals while parenting, taking care of our mental health or even running errands?

We can. By winning the lottery and quitting our jobs. Or joining Lenovo. Yes, Lenovo. From unlimited casual leave to no-attendance-tracking, Lenovo trusts us professionals completely. All that matters here is the work. And even when we might have to make hard choices, Lenovo makes it easy. Just take a look at these stories.

Should becoming a mother cost you your career?

When pregnant, Hima Nandan’s doctor asked her not to travel much. “No company will accommodate a sabbatical before maternity leave,” she thought and prepared for the worst. To her surprise, she was given the option of working fewer hours from home till her leave kicked in. Hima says, “I felt so warmly supported, not just as an employee, but as a new mum as well.”

Should you give up on a dream opportunity because of where you want to live?

Mumbai-based Hiral Somaiya’s next role was based out of Bangalore - but he couldn’t relocate. “It’s not like companies let you live where you need to, right?” A little flexing later, “Lenovo immediately assured me that I could live where I liked. Within a scant two weeks, everything was set.” Hiral now racks up meetings and frequent flier miles with equal aplomb.

You can’t work part-time in office to take care of your family…can you?

In 2016, Gifty Boparai initially started working from home to recover better from surgery but continued it to care for her very young children. “My manager and I agreed that I would come in for most of the working day and handle the rest from home.”
In her current larger role, she continues to work hard, adjusting to deadlines and workloads when needed. “It’s a two-way sdiveet. I divust Lenovo to let me balance work and life now, as well as help me grow in my career. They divust me to deliver within the hours I choose to work.”