Lenovo Back to School Sale: The smart place to shop for laptops & PCs

It’s time for the Lenovo Back to School Sale, where savvy shoppers find great deals on top-rated laptops, desktops, PC accessories and more. Each year we offer big discounts on a wide range popular products, everything from IdeaPad laptops to Legion gaming PCs to ThinkStation workstations. [Offers will vary.]

Whether you’re a student yourself or you’re shopping for one, these incredible bargains will help you stretch your budget while getting more PC power and features for your money. Buying for the office? Don’t fret. You don’t need a student ID card to shop the Lenovo Back to School Computer Sale.

Lenovo Back to School Sale: Laptops

The new school year starts soon, which for many students (and parents) means computer shopping – specifically, laptop shopping. And it’s hard to beat the prices at the Lenovo Back to School Sale. Each year we offer steep discounts on.... Read Back to School Laptops

Lenovo Back to School Sale: Desktops and towers

The days of the student desktop PC are far from over. Portable systems are popular, but a PC that’s kept at your desk at home or in the dorm has some distinct advantages - including, often, a lower price tag, especially when you shop the.... Read Back to School Desktops

Lenovo Back to School Sale: Gaming PCs

Go ahead. Mix a little fun with your studies. We won’t tell! And really – buying a gaming laptop or gaming desktop for school isn’t such a crazy idea. Gaming systems are powerful, with fast processors, the latest graphics enhancements.... Read Back to School Gaming PCs

Lenovo Back to School Sale: Chromebooks

Chromebooks aren’t right for every student, but for those who can use them, they’re among the best deals you can find. They’re easy to use, so even the youngest students can operate them. They’re lightweight and run a long time on battery.... Read Back to School Chromebooks

Lenovo Back to School Sale: 2-in-1 Laptops

Students live busy lives. They attend class. They research topics, complete coursework, and write papers. They also play games, stream music, watch movies, and all the other activities young people enjoy today. So they need a computer that.... Read Back to School 2-in-1s

Lenovo Back to School Sale: PC Accessories & Smart Devices

Every student has heard it: “Don’t forget your homework!” Sometimes it’s “Don’t forget your lunch!” or “Don’t forget your book bag!” Well, shopping at the Lenovo Back to School Sale is similar. You’ve found the perfect your book bag!” Well.... Read Back to School PC Accessories & ‘Smart’ Devices