Lenovo Data Centre Group
Lenovo Servers x3850/x86
powered by Intel® Xeon® processor.
Intel Inside®. New Possibilities Outside

SAP innovates with the help
of Lenovo servers

Find out what different can mean for your enterprise.

Optimized for SAP HANA® and powered by Intel® Xeon® processors, Lenovo servers help keep the global SAP workforce working productively to deliver the next generation of applications that will drive digital transformation for its customers.

Unlock Your Data Center
Potential with Lenovo Server,
Storage & Networking

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Here are five reasons
why different is better:

In memory


100,000x FA S T E R

World record performance

Lower total

cost of ownership


Industry leading reliability

Lenovo System x servers: Proven leadership
#1 in Customer Satisfaction
#1 in Product Satisfaction
#1 in Service Satisfaction6
Trusted services to install, manage and maintain your SAP HANA systems.

With Lenovo servers, storage and networking products, you can deploy mission-critical applications, decrease operating costs, and support your cloud computing plans. Harness x86 servers to power Big Data, cloud and analytics workloads.