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    Open Source Solutions for Mission Critical Services


    • A highly reliable, scalable and secure server operating system, built to power mission-critical workloads
    • Optimized for mixed physical, virtual, and cloud enabled data centers
    • An affordable and interoperable open source infrastructure solutions that increase operational efficiency

    Lenovo is committed to helping customers leverage the many benefits of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to create powerful, scalable business solutions. As pioneer in open source software, SUSE provides reliable, interoperable Linux and cloud infrastructure solutions that help enterprises increase agility, manage complexity, and reduce cost. Engineering excellence and exceptional service allow them to adapt and deliver the smarter innovation customers need to succeed—today and tomorrow.
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    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for increasing uptime, improving efficiency and accelerating innovation for mission-critical applications.  SUSE Linux Enterprise Server provides innovative features not found in other Linux distributions, such as Full System Rollback, Live Kernel Patching, and Unattended upgrades.  SUSE Linux Enterprise Server provides the broadest support for virtual and cloud infrastructures like Docker, VMware, Hyper-V, KVM and XEN virtualization.  Learn More

    Move toward zero downtime with these SUSE Linux Enterprise extensions:

    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP applications

    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP applications is the recommended and supported operating system of choice for SAP HANA.  Use this highly reliable, scalable, secure and optimized server operating system for consolidating all your mission-critical SAP applications. This solution maximizes uptime and availability, reduces costs and improves performance of SAP deployments by taking advantage of additional enterprise services, dedicated updates and maintenance. Validated and certified by SAP, this solution is optimized for mission-critical SAP software solutions - both physical and virtual, making it an ideal platform for SAP software solutions and appliances. Learn More

    SUSE OpenStack Cloud

    SUSE OpenStack Cloud based on OpenStack, enables the programmatic autoscaling of resources based on the need of the workload and the full support for the massively scalable Ceph distributed storage system.  In addition, SUSE OpenStack Cloud provides even greater levels of support for KVM, XEN, Hyper-V or VMware environments so there is no need to rip and replace.  SUSE OpenStack Cloud is practical and easy to deploy.  Whether you're building your own private cloud infrastructure, or taking advantage of the public cloud, do it faster with cloud computing solutions from SUSE. Learn More

    SUSE Enterprise Storage

    SUSE Enterprise Storage is an award winning, highly scalable, and resilient software-based storage solution, powered by Ceph. It enables organizations to build cost-efficient and highly scalable storage using commodity, off-the-shelf servers and disk drives. This storage solution requires no proprietary hardware components, enabling customers to choose the best systems for their use. Together, SUSE and Lenovo partner to deliver industry-leading, cost-efficient, scalable storage solutions. Learn More

  • Solutions

    Business Applications

    Timely access to relevant information has always been critical to business success. With new data sources and more users, the importance of managing, processing, and making sense of huge data volumes is even greater. SAP NetWeaver® Business Warehouse Accelerator (BWA) provides a complete picture of your business from diverse data sources. Data from every business area and more users needing access to this data require your business processing environment to deliver fast and targeted information to all levels of management within the enterprise. SAP BWA extends the reach of traditional SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse environments and enables near real-time analytics for those not ready to move to SAP HANA.

    The Lenovo solutions for SAP NetWeaver BWA help address these performance challenges:

    • High data volumes – Queries that routinely involve access to many millions of records and may involve up to billions of records
    • Challenging response-time SLAs – Predictable, stable response times for growing number of users
    • Unpredictable types of queries – Far more different data sets and aggregations than traditional optimization and caching strategies can handle

    Lenovo provides a choice of server solutions for SAP NetWeaver BWA depending on the size of your data and your scalability needs. The Flex System solution for SAP NetWeaver BWA provides an integrated, scalable, and enterprise-class solution to accelerate SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse analytics. A BladeCenter-based integrated solution is also available. If you have small data requirements, there is a single-server offering based on the System x3850 X6. In addition, Lenovo offers installation services that speed deployment, health check services that keep systems up to date, and managed services that simplify management of the solution.


    Lenovo Enterprise Solution Services and qualified Lenovo Business Partners offer fast implementation services and on-going maintenance of your SAP NetWeaver BWA solution. 24x7 managed services are also available from System x Enterprise Solutions Services.

    See Big Data & Analytics Professional Services for information on our SAP service offerings.


    Software-defined storage is the solution to the significant business challenge of managing the explosive growth of data and the cost of proprietary storage solutions. Software-defined storage separates the physical storage hardware (data plane) from the data storage management logic or “intelligence” (control plane). This storage solution requires no proprietary hardware components, enabling the use of industry standard hardware to significantly reduce capital expenditure on storage. 

    SUSE Enterprise Storage,powered by Ceph, provides this data storage management logic. Independent hardware vendor (IHV) partners provide the off-the-shelf storage hardware. Together, SUSE and Lenovo can deliver industry-leading, cost-efficient, scalable storage solutions.

    Big Data and Analytics

    Big Data, with its volume, velocity, and varied (or lack of) structure, eludes traditional business analytics and business intelligence approaches. Whether monitoring the dynamic flows of Big Data or responding to events and usage patterns as they occur, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is the right foundation to create your data-driven enterprise.

    When you run SAP HANA, the next generation of SAP in-memory computing technology, you want to ensure that the underlying operating system (OS) you choose gives you enterprise-level reliability, availability, scalability, manageability and security to meet your needs.

    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications is the recommended and supported OS of choice for SAP HANA and is currently running in over 5,800 SAP HANA installations including SAP’s own. With SUSE, you will benefit from:


    SUSE has one of the largest ISV partner networks in the industry and you can depend on SUSE to provide an interoperable platform for mission critical computing. In partnership with SUSE’s many ISVs we offer SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as an optimized platform for numerous data base workloads such as:

    • Oracle
    • MySQL
    • Maria DB
    • IBM DB2
    • SAP MaxDB

    SUSE also provides 99.999% availability for your databases with pre-defined resource agents for the most popular enterprise databases with SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension.

    Client Virtualization and Infrastructure

    Looking for a powerful yet affordable way to virtualize workloads? Xen and KVM hypervisors are included with every subscription to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. SUSE virtualization solutions offer maximum flexibility, without sacrificing performance, security or reliability. Increase resource utilization, respond faster to changing business needs and get better application performance with virtualization solutions from SUSE.

    Count on consistent performance and streamlined support when you use SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with Hyper-V or vSphere. Microsoft and VMware exclusively recommend SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to their customers who run Linux servers

    Build and deploy workloads on all major hypervisors in minutes - Save the time of downloading and installing VMware drivers and tools (open-vm-tools) separately. These tools are now fully supported and integrated into SUSE Linux Enterprise Server in an all-in-one package with their performance fine-tuned. Updates use the same mechanism as the other packages in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server not days.

    Since 2012 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server has included commercial support for Linux Containers—for highly efficient, low-overhead OS virtualization. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server improves the manageability of Linux Containers with better integration into the common virtualization framework (libvirt). As a result, you can manage hypervisors (Xen, KVM) and Linux Containers using the same tools and integrate them into business processes equally

    Docker is an open source technology that automates the deployment of applications inside software containers. It provides an additional layer of abstraction and automation of OS-level virtualization on Linux. Docker and Linux Containers are great ways to build, deploy and manage applications.


    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is synonymous with high-performance. Since 1992, SUSE engineers have made significant contributions to the advancement and tuning of the Linux kernel, and key kernel-related performance technologies. Today multi-core processors and accelerators have set the stage for new market dynamics. HPC systems and clusters in many commercial scenarios are not implemented on specialized hardware anymore – you’ll find them on industry standard x86_64 servers.

    When you choose SUSE Linux Enterprise to run your high performance clusters, you get a lower purchase price and a better, more predictable total cost of ownership, as clusters build on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server are easier to setup and manage. 

    Integrated Systems

    SUSE offers highly customizable OEM solutions designed to help enterprises bring their integrated systems to market faster. Integrated Systems solutions from SUSE include flexible, commercially supported enterprise quality operating systems, robust, easy-to-use tools for efficient customization and provisioning, and expert implementation services based on 20 years of commercializing open source software for industry standard hardware.

    Reduce development costs, increase reliability and security, and shorten time to revenue with SUSE integrated systems solutions.

  • Support

    SUSE Alliance – Support

    The System x Solution for SAP Business Suite on X6 gives you high performance and extraordinary scalability for mission-critical SAP Business Suite applications. The Flex System Solution for SAP Business Suite provides the capability to consolidate your key SAP database and application server workloads into a single managed environment. Both solutions offer nearly 100 percent performance improvement for SAP Business Suite applications when compared to previous generation systems.