YOGA Tablet marks a new era in tablet design. Multiple ways to use the device means the Yoga Tablet adapts to you, while extremely long battery life and your choice of OS make it perfect for work and play.

    • Splashproof 10" multimode tablet
    • Immersive display, cinematic audio
    • Epic battery, on-the-go powerbank
    • 10.1” multimode video tablet 
    • Powerful 180° rotating camera
    • Dazzling multimedia, epic battery
    • 8” multimode video tablet 
    • Pin-sharp 180° rotating camera
    • Epic battery, rich multimedia
    • Premium 10" multimode tablet
    • Immersive, four-speaker sound
    • Integrated rotatable projector
    • Adaptable 13.3" 2-in-1
    • Great for entertainment
    • Integrated projector
  1. The world’s first multimedia tablet with a built-in, feature-rich projector, it transforms any wall or ceiling into a brilliant 70" screen. Ultimate entertainment with 10.1" QHD display, voice controls, projector and the integrated JBL® 4-speaker sound bar!
    • Ultraslim Android productivity 2-in-1
    • Draw & write with Real Pen
    • Dazzling Halo Keyboard
  2. New:Introducing YOGA Book, a groundbreaking 10.1” 2-in-1 engineered for productivity. This ultraportable device lets you take notes and draw with a real-ink stylus, features a Halo keyboard that appears only when you need it, and lets you get things done on the go like no other tablet.
    • Unique, dual-display 2-in-1
    • World-class craftsmanship
    • Precision pen support
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