Lenovo ESG

Packaged with the Environment in Mind

Our Approach

Lenovo is intent on reducing the size of our packaging to minimize the materials used while maintaining adequate protection for our products. Lenovo’s packaging priorities focus on reducing our packaging consumption, waste, and carbon emissions levels by:

  • Increasing the use of recycled and renewable materials in packaging
  • Increasing the use of bio-based materials
  • Reducing the size of product packaging
  • Expanding the use of bulk and reusable packaging solutions

Bamboo and Sugar Cane Fiber

In 2018, we began implementing the use of an innovative bio-based packaging made from bamboo and sugar cane fiber. The use of bamboo/sugar cane fibers in select products marked the launch of a new era of eco-friendly packaging offerings for Lenovo, while also enhancing customer experience. Bamboo fiber has many favorable features, including:

  • Sleek and robust design
  • Lightweight
  • 100 percent renewable

When this new packaging was used to ship memory cards and one of our ThinkPad models, the result was 6.7 percent less transportation CO2 emissions. We are continuing to expand the use of this bamboo and sugar cane fiber packaging innovation. Most recently, a brand-new bamboo gift box was introduced to ThinkPad X1 and Z series. It’s made from 100 percent renewable bamboo fiber and the box weight is effectively reduced by 30 percent compared to the previous gift box.

Ocean Bound Plastic

In 2019, Lenovo’s packaging team began researching the possibility of using ocean bound plastic (OBP) in product packaging. Based on repeated test results, the packaging team determined a mix of 30 percent OBP with 70 percent other recycled plastic had the best performance. In FY 2021/22, Lenovo introduced a cushion containing OBP (30 percent OBP and 70 percent other recycled plastics) in the packaging for select products. Through these applications, Lenovo estimated it will use 70 to 80 metric tons of ocean bound plastic per year.

Plastic-Free Packaging

Lenovo aims to eliminate plastic materials from product packaging. The ThinkPad X1 and Z series packaging are pioneers towards this ultimate target. By combining bamboo fiber technology with other innovative materials, the packaging team has accomplished plastic-free packaging on ThinkPad X1 and Z series. Lenovo continues to evaluate expanding the use of plastic-free packaging to additional product lines.

Packaging Specifications for Suppliers

Lenovo’s packaging program requires all corrugated container packaging supplied to be a minimum of 70 percent post-consumer fiber content and requires suppliers to use the maximum available PCC where adequate supplies exist without compromising required packaging performance characteristics, while the printing on boxes is done via flexography with water-based, non-toxic, RoHS-compliant inks. In addition, Lenovo’s packaging program requires the use of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified fibers in liners for all ThinkPad products and select consumer notebooks when virgin fibers are used.

Bulk Packaging

Bulk packaging and reusable bulk packaging may be available for many of Lenovo's products in select regions. Contact your sales rep or environment@lenovo.com for more information.

To learn more about Lenovo’s product packaging solutions, please see our most recent ESG report.