What are some free game apps for Android?

There is a huge selection of games available for Android smartphones and tablets. Fortunately, for users who don't like paying for games, many of them are free. However, free games tend to deliver a barrage of ads and prompts to purchase additional features.

But if you can look beyond those minor drawbacks, the free Android games prove to be just as much fun as the paid versions and you don't have to fork over your life savings to get them. Here are some of the must-have free Android games on the market.

Angry Birds

No list of free Android games would be complete without mentioning Angry Birds. The storyline: Enemy pigs have ransacked the birds' nest and made off with the eggs. To get them back, the player uses a slingshot to shoot bird bombs at pig castles. This ingenious app combines adorable, stylized graphics and simple, yet addictive play to make it the most downloaded Android game ever. Need a little variety? There are free versions of Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Star Wars and Angry Birds Space to keep you hooked.

Subway Surfers

Thousands of hours have been lost to Subway Surfers. In this cute little "endless runner" game, users dodge trains, run from the authorities and pick up gold coins as one of four skateboarding graffiti artist hooligans. Points nabbed within the game let you upgrade your power-ups and improve your score. The overall goal is to maneuver your character quickly across lanes as levels increase in difficulty and improve your response time as objects come at you. The game challenges change daily to keep you playing for the long haul.

Fruit Ninja

Brilliant in its simplicity, Fruit Ninja is an arcade-style game where players slice flying fruit by swiping the screen. Dodge the bombs and hit the "multifruit" to keep your score climbing. Fruit Ninja is a perfect example of a free Android game that's easy to pick up and play without getting invested in anything too intense.

Drag Racing

Drive one of 50 officially licensed cars, from American muscle to Italian racecars, in half- or quarter-mile battles. As you win cash and materials, you can customize and upgrade your car to improve its performance. To add a little spice, you can also race head-to-head against friends or random players in real-time. When you're ready for even more variety, you can pick up the free Drag Racing Bike Edition extension and try it all on two wheels.

Blood Brothers

A multiplayer role-playing game, Blood Brothers is one of the most downloaded free Android games on the market. Choose your warlord, build your party and start to level up by battling other characters and taking on new quests in this dark fantasy game about a hero turned vengeful vampire.

Frozen Bubble

Frozen Bubble is a simple, colorful puzzle that's suitable for any age. Shoot colored bubbles to form groups of the same color and clear the board. To keep it interesting, players can create their own levels and boards using the Frozen Bubble Level Editor and upload them as level packs for other users. There's literally no end to the new challenges you can download with this game in the form of new packs from other users around the world.


Robo5 gives players control over a tiny robot making his way through mountains of boxes. Simple in concept, this 3-D puzzle game holds 20 surprisingly difficult levels and a variety of maneuvers to keep your brain busy. The real beauty in this game is its charming steam punk visual style and the backstory of the robot searching for his true identity. It's a must-play free game for any Android user.

Beach Buggy Blitz

Beach Buggy Blitz offers a new twist on the classic racing game. Players charge their way across a beautiful tropical island to collect coins and power-ups, smashing structures and exploring exotic new environments. Reviewers love this little gem of a game for the easy controls, beautiful graphics and incredible physics displayed by the various vehicles, each of which feels unique.

Arcane Legends

Looking for the perfect free role-playing game for your Android tablet or smartphone? Arcane Legends might be it. Choose your class, customize your character and enter the colorful world of Arlor in this co-operative RPG. Players can take the role of a rogue, a mage or a warrior to battle enemies and win achievements. Accept new quests to acquire new "pets" along the way and increase your characters' powers.

Vector Runner

Run, jump, cartwheel, climb, roll and backflip through an urban landscape as the free runner in this exciting and unique arcade-style game where "Big Brother" wants to chase you down and put you back into the system. Inspired by the dynamic movements of "parkour" street gymnastics, this game gives you a wide variety of one-finger controls that are quick to learn, but tough to perfect, throughout the 20 challenging levels.

4 Pics, 1 Word

The name of this game pretty much says it all. You get four photo clues to guess the one word that ties them all together. This simple, quick and highly addictive game offers a fun new variation on logo and word-guessing games.

DragonFlight for Kakao

Ride on the back of a flying dragon and take on enemies in this free arcade-style shoot ‘em up game for Android. With simple controls and cute graphics, you can collect coins, dodge enemies and try to stay in flight in this easy-to-navigate vertically scrolling fantasy world. Just make sure you're packing enough firepower.

These are just a few of the free Android games available on the market. New games and apps are introduced for Android every day. Whether you enjoy casual games, racing games, role-playing games, puzzles or arcade-style action, there's a fun free Android game out there that you're sure to love.

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