What is Android?

Android is the most popular smartphone platform having cemented itself as a major player in the mobile marketplace to rival Apple and other device makers. With a sleek design, push notifications, multitasking and a rapidly growing app store, Android is expanding the way we use mobile devices. Search giant Google developed this prominent operating system in response to the advent of smartphones. These powerful devices are changing the way millions of users worldwide browse, shop and connect. Android has become the operating system of choice for users who value innovation.

Any conversation about Android starts with Google Play, Google’s fast-growing app store. More than 700,000 apps and game can turn your Android device into almost any gadget you can imagine. Turn your smartphone into a credit card processor with the Square app, or measure your REM cycle with the SleepBot app. Google Play puts users in control of their mobile experiences. Android is especially well-suited for those who use Google applications on their computers. You can sync your Google+ contacts, import your Chrome bookmarks and edit documents from any device.

Part of Android’s power is attributed to its simplicity. The home screen features square icons that represent different apps and users can arrange their favorite widgets at the bottom of the screen for anytime use. If you have a penchant for multitasking, Android supports the seamless transition between apps. Recent updates have included voice recognition technology, which enables users to send text messages, write emails or search Google hands-free. Android photo and video software features face recognition, some Android devices even enable their owners to unlock their phone with a smile.

A great operating system wouldn’t mean a thing without corresponding devices. Android is available on many of the most popular high-performance smartphones on the market. With a growing app store, an innovative team of developers and partnerships with the best hardware providers, it’s easy to see why Android is accelerating past the competition.

What is Android KitKat?

Smartphone users demand innovation and Android’s latest operating system update is bound to please. Android KitKat is a recent update to the popular Android operating system that offers users improved performance, a more sleek design and a number of unprecedented features. Android KitKat introduces immersive mode, which hides everything except the app you really want to see. Whether you’re reading an e-book, editing a document or playing a game, immersive mode helps you get the most of your smartphone screen. Google’s latest Android update also features faster multitasking. If you think of a song you’d like to hear while you’re browsing the web, Android KitKat enables you to easily skip over to the music app. Android KitKat’s subtle updates promote a more intuitive mobile experience. For example, KitKat will organize your contacts based on who you talk with most. Prioritized contacts means less scrolling through your phone and time saved.

KitKat, released in 2013, is the latest installment of Android, which is already the most popular mobile operating system on the market. Developed by search giant Google, Android is growing because of consistent improvements and the strength of its app store, Google Play, which features more than 700,000 apps. Android is available on an array of high-performance phones from Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony and other major manufacturers.

What Lenovo products run Android?

Android is the most popular mobile operating system on the market, and with the 2013 release of KitKat, it’s bound to grow even more. Lenovo has a line of Android-compatible tablets that get the most out of Google’s popular mobile platform. The Yoga Tablet line is a series of versatile computers with impressive battery life and stylish design. These tablets features quad-core processors and are available with 8- or 10-inch screens, plenty of space to operate Android’s intuitive display. The IdeaTab series offers compact tablets at a great price, including models with a 7-inch screen and 16GB hard drive. They’re perfect for the on-the-go Android user and one of Lenovo’s most inexpensive devices.

Great hardware is worthless without quality software, and Android provides a sleek, intuitive tablet experience. Google developed Android to compete in the highly competitive mobile market and it quickly rose to the top of the class. Android thrives on the strength of Google Play, the Android store that features more than 700,000 apps. Android can sync with Google applications to create a seamless computing experience from smartphone to tablet to desktop. Android and Lenovo put an emphasis on simplicity and performance. Together, they create unprecedented devices.

What are the advantages of the Android OS?

As smartphones and tablets continue to evolve, more users are looking for an operating system that takes computing functions to the mobile arena. Google’s Android OS offers the simplicity, function and performance to take your mobile experience to the next level. Already the most popular operating system on the mobile market, Android continues to push the envelope with a rapidly growing app store and an OS facelift dubbed KitKat. Google Play, Android’s app store, is made up of more than 700,000 apps and counting. Here, you can turn your device into an accountant, a weather forecaster, a tutor and much more. As Android grows, Google Play will continue to enhance our daily lives. With multitasking, switching between these programs is easy.

Android users can sync their existing Google applications with their Android devices to promote a seamless computing experience. Stay connected on Google+, edit documents on Google Drive or watch movies and TV through Google play on any device. Android developers continually release updates to ensure best performance. From the newly redesigned home screen to the addition of emoji’s to better express yourself using the Google Keyboard, Android’s latest updates are just a taste of what’s to come. If you’re in the market for a new mobile device, an Android-powered device from Lenovo will provide you with the latest technology.

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