Aspect Ratio 27
    Viewing Angle 60 degrees
    Warranty Type Technical Support and Warranty provided by 3M
    Brand Lenovo from 3M
    Package Type Plain white envelope
    Special/Added Features Designed for high resolution, touch screen displays
    Stock Status Made to order (Longer lead time)
    Cold Resistance -30 degrees Celsius for 240 hours
    Film Thickness 0.29 mm
    Filter Type Monitor Filter
    Heat Resistance 65 degrees Celsius for 240 hours
    Humidity Resistance 95% relative humidity for 240 hours at 40 degrees Celsius
    Shipment Group Lenovo 27.0-inch W9 Monitor Privacy Filter from 3M;Attachment parts;Set-up instructions
    Surface Coating Durable anti-glare surface coating
    Thermal Shock -20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius for 1 hour, 5 cycles
    Transmission 68%
    Transmission Blockage Angle Greater than 30° degrees for observers to the sides of the user
    Height (US) 13.2in
    Width (US) 23.5in
    Depth (US) 0.02in
    Weight (US) 0.28 lbs
    Height 336mm
    Width 598mm
    Depth 0.55mm
    Weight 0.13kg
    Warranty Types Warranty Supplied by Vendor use
    Warranty Period One Year