ThinkPad 13 Windows (2. gen)

Lenovo ThinkPad 13

ThinkPad 13 Windows (2. gen)

Modern, hatékony és tartós – utazásra tervezve.

A ThinkPad 13 laptopot úgy terveztük, hogy ideális egyensúlyt teremtsen a szakemberek, tanulók és oktatók számára a mobilitás és a produktivitás között. A tervezésénél fogva 12 katonai specifikációjú tartóssági tesztet is kiálló készülék a tárgyalóteremben és a terepen is megállja a helyét. Mindennek ellenére ultrakönnyű kialakítású, és akkumulátora egész nap kitart.

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Modern, hatékony és tartós – utazásra tervezve.

  • Funkciók


    Tough enough for the military

    Tested against 12 military-grade requirements and passing more than 200 quality checks, ThinkPad 13 was designed to withstand work, travel, fun, and anything else you can throw at it.

    Keep your hands on the keyboard – Because you'll want to

    The legendary ThinkPad keyboard is so comfortable to use, you won't want to move your fingers off it – not even to use a mouse. So it's a good thing you won't have to, because this keyboard includes two pointing options – the world-famous TrackPoint and our intuitive, clickable TrackPad. Move your cursor, make selections, zoom in and out, and drag and drop easily and comfortably. These features are only two of the reasons our keyboard has won awards and the hearts of users across the world! It's accurate, ergonomic, and easy to see at any time, thanks to its two-stage adjustable soft-white backlight.

    Lenovo ThinkPad 13 Overhead View of Keyboard
    ThinkPad 13, featuring the award-winning ThinkPad keyboard.

    Get help anywhere, if you happen to need it

    ThinkPad 13 comes with a standard worldwide warranty. Now you can get help in 160 countries around the world. These machines travel better than some people do!

    Easy to take with you – even without a charger

    At 1.44 kg / 3.17 lbs and merely 19.1 mm – 19.8 mm / 0.75" – 0.77" thin, ThinkPad 13 is eminently portable. And it has all the battery power you need – up to 11 hours – to move from desk to meetings and elsewhere, and stay productive throughout the business day with plenty of charge left afterward.

    Lenovo ThinkPad 13 Front and Back Views Closed
    ThinkPad 13: Leave the power cord at home!

    Productivity never looked so good

    ThinkPad 13 has a 13.3" display that renders in Full High Definition (FHD), so even spreadsheets look beautiful. And with In-plane Switching (IPS) technology, they’ll show in vibrant color and be visible from almost any angle.

    Lenovo ThinkPad 13 Display View
    Everything looks beautiful on the ThinkPad 13.

    Professional but pleasant

    Available in Silver or Black, ThinkPad 13 has a professional, conservative look that’s sure to impress, while still enabling you to express yourself.

    It’s all in the curves

    ThinkPad 13 boasts a clean modern design, with rounded corners that give it an element of sleekness. An apt look for something so fast.

    Lose the ethernet cable

    With support for 802.11 AC wireless signals, there’s no need to be limited by the length of an Ethernet cable. Simply access the signal available from many wireless routers, and you’re online in no time.

    Lenovo ThinkPad 13 Front Right Side View Partially Open
    ThinkPad 13: Online almost from the moment you open it.

    Plenty of ports

    Connect to just about any accessory you need, whether it’s an external drive via speedy USB 3.0, a phone or other device via USB Type-C, or a TV or other monitor via HDMI. Whatever you have, plug it in and get started.

    Docking with power

    A OneLink+ port enables you to transform ThinkPad 13 into a full-featured machine at your desk. Simply plug into the dock and you have instant access to superfast data transfers; high-quality, uncompressed video; and convenient accessories such as keyboard, mouse, printer, and up to two external displays. And the OneLink+ connector charges your battery while you’re working.

  • Műszaki adatok

    Műszaki adatok

    LeírásThinkPad 13
    Operációs rendszer
    Windows 10 Pro
    Akár 7. generációs Intel® Core™ i7 processzor
    13,3"-es kijelző, akár FHD (1920 x 1080), 250-nit, IPS, többérintéses technológia
    Akár 512 GB PCIe SSD
    Akár 32 GB-os DDR4
    HD Audió
    • dTPM 2.0
    • Elhúzással működő ujjlenyomat-olvasó
    720p HD
    Intel® integrált videokártya
    Akár 11 óra
    • 2 db USB 3.0
    • 1 db USB 3.0 (tápellátással)
    • 1 db USB-C
    • 1 db HDMI
    • OneLink+
    • 4 az 1-ben kártyaolvasó (SD, SD-HC, SD-XC és MMC)
    • 1 db kombinált fejhallgató/mikrofon csatlakozó
    • Intel® 2 db 2 AC + Bluetooth® 4.2
    • 1 db 1 AC + Bluetooth® 4.0 PCIe M.2
    • Bluetooth® 4.1
    Méretek (Szé. x Mé. x Ma.)
    322,4 mm x 222,8 mm x 19,8 mm (12,69" x 8,77" x 0,77")
    1,44 kg súlytól kapható
    • Fekete
    • Ezüstszürke
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    ThinkPad 13 Windows 2. gen.Tartozékok és szolgáltatások

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